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Experiment 86 The chance of acquiring SP form Theorn NPC at Hellbound

Тема в разделе "Latest Experiments", создана пользователем Pazak, 6 мар 2014.

  1. Pazak

    Pazak Innova Group

    [quests and drop][other game mechanics aspects]

    aye, aye for the vessel of light!
    all hands on sp!
    double them up?
    quadruple them up!
    how lucky will you be?


    purpose: to define the chance of getting sp from theorn npc at hellbound.

    during the experiment, we have done 100 approaches to theorn npc and chose “ vessel of light ” option every time. looking ahead a bit, we would like to mention that in fact, we have done 100 attempts for each option, but after looking at the results, we have decided to publish only one compiled table with results of doing 100 approaches. the results of the test can be found in the table below.

    theornvessel of light
    failing the research53
    reward sp x223
    reward sp x413
    reward sp x88
    reward sp x162
    reward sp x321
    as you can see in the table, the chance of getting every other buff is 50%, excluding inaccuracy coming from small number of selection.
    Последнее редактирование модератором: 21 апр 2015
    BeerWarrior нравится это.
  2. Alixyz

    Alixyz User

    so this is some kind of quest (daily i guess) that gives u sp, and if u are lucky can give u x2-x32 the amount of normal sp reward?
  3. B3lial

    B3lial User

    it's not a quest, it's a simple game with npc that you can do over and over again, but only in game's night-time (npc spawns only during night).you can play by paying fee: 100k adena and 500k sp for every game. npc asks you to choose either flask of light or flask of darkness. if you choose right one you earn x2 multiplier and npc gives you a choice: stop the game and take the reward or choose flask of light/darkness again and gain higher multiplier (x4, x8, x16 and x32). you can do that up to 5 times in single game. if at any step you choose wrong flask, you lose paid fee and reward multiplier.
    reward is the multiplied sp that you paid for starting the game. so by paying 100k adena and 500k sp you can get:
    1st win - 1kk sp
    2nd win - 2kk sp
    3rd win - 4kk sp
    4th win - 8kk sp
    5th win - 16kk sp
    you get the reward for given step only if you decide to stop the game and take the reward. if you keep playing and choose wrong flask you get nothing and lose the fee you paid. also there is only sp reward, no adena is given back.
  4. Alixyz

    Alixyz User

    i see, ty for info, is like slots machines.