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All about recipes

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем cybermorfer, 10 апр 2014.

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  1. cybermorfer

    cybermorfer User

    hi friends. i want to learn the best way for finding recipes. where can we find r-r95-r99 grade recipes ? about 2 years before we use spoil method for finding recipes from mobs. now spoiling dead. can you help me for the way of finding r or higher grade recipes? how can i find?
    thank you...
    "actually i trained a maestro char for crafting but i saw that crafting is dead for all now. if i cannot find recipes i will change my class to tyrr duelist..."
    outletqqjlk нравится это.
  2. Sanek

    Sanek User

    1) drop from mobs (lol chance). like, apo+specters @ s3. etc- check l2wiki for drops.
    2) drop from spicula - r95 recipes at a certain chance. low, but still obtainable.
    3) drop from rbs - crafting packs - including recipes. r&r95.
    4) seed of hellfire quests - petras for weapons recipes, quests for petras+kundas - chance to obtain recipes for armors/weapons.
    5) crystal caverns - bonus stage - recipes forr99 armors.
    6) hb - dat bloody tomes whatever their name - even more recipes.

    i might have forgotten some.
    chances - generally low; but still it's possible. whole problem - people are used to crafting ****s -- and either sell recpies for senseless prices on ah or dump it into grocery.
    procc нравится это.
  3. RazZz

    RazZz User

    www.l2wiki.com :)
  4. Amellie

    Amellie User

    generally... you are absolutely right. already 2 weeks on the server and i notice many things are dead and gone. cwh is full of beach ballz and rubber duckies.. instead of mats recipes and items, no drop, no spoil, no nothing... it's a hollow game now compared to what i remember (last time i play was gracia). very hollow and smells like going down officially. however from old players perspective it's not that bad, but to start now, after the chain quests that get you 85 in a day (if you know your stuff) - there's the emptiness and void, play without soul, do your dailies, hope to sell some dyna **** in grocery for some pocket change and the hollow feeling of everyone being pr0 professor from l2 university :d advising you how you will be such and such strong on 99 with this and this armor and average skills about +10... :d lmao
    tbh its less attractive and feels crippled. badly.
    community is also getting kinda idiotic. try to go and make raid with random players only to be scammed fro the drops :d scams happen more often because of the surrounding misery and lack of options.
    anyways... interesting and long subject. if they ask me how to fix i will tell... until then -> have good time in the world of aden :)
    Player1 и iExpliCity нравится это.
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