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new player, have some questions

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем notfriendly, 8 май 2014.

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  1. notfriendly

    notfriendly User

    hello, im new to this game and i have some questions.
    for now im lvling a human warlord, i have played older versions of l2 and always wanted to try one, the problem is most ppl say that warlord or iss tyr is useless after 85, hard to find party, hard to solo. since im not planning to get iss enchanter box should i just start over as enchanter or keep lvling my human ? in game chat always wants healers/buffers in party, only few looks for dd, so im a bit confused what to do :)
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  2. BeerWarrior

    BeerWarrior User

    keep doing what you like to do, you play for your own joy, not for other people.
    tyrr wl could be ok, like other tyrrs, ask tyrrs awakened from wl which skills to keep and which skills to replace at awakening.
    the balance of cl***es at lv85 and lv95 is different, for example at lv85 there's plenty of isses, wynns and other dds as boxes for zaken, frintezza, freya etc. at level 95 you'll see more reasonable amounts of different dds and supports. the cl***es the most looked for are healers and tanks but you should not have a problem finding a party later on.

    remember, no cl*** is useless unless the player is useless at playing it.

    edit: oh lol guys, for real? fix your filters, it censors clbuttes, pbuttives, etc. umm i mean cla.sses and pa.ssives :d

    mod edit: haha yea we are having some issues with forum today as you can already see with quoting, just bear with us till we fix the bigger errors then we will look at the rest ;)
    Последнее редактирование модератором: 8 май 2014
  3. Finality

    Finality User

    welcome, and belive me, choose what you will love to play, because it will be crucial part when you will lvl 95-99 ;)
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