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iss/dagger lvl 99/99 lf clan for weekends (siege etc)

Discussion in 'Archive' started by c4rlito, May 30, 2014.

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  1. c4rlito

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    hi hello,

    mine name is mike i am from holland,i just look for a pvp oriented clan most of the time i have are the weekends,
    midweeks during most clan events i work.i always are on siege

    mine items are avrage

    -r-grade dual+health for iss
    -r95 dagger double sa +7 300 holy attack
    -talisman hunter
    -enchanted warrior ring+necklace octavis
    -r99 light set 4+ max atri
    -+15 dex+3 con dagger
    +15 con -12 str iss

    -most skillz 10+

    what i look is a cp or a clan that needs a active iss/dagger in the weekends i prefer to play iss than dagger (iss is pro killing machine and a f ucking mana **0** at 99 ^^)
    i made this char in a year time,i have had it whit grinding. sp is np rb points also np.but i just look for some pvp action.

    contact me ingame

    c4rlit0 or send me a mail and we social will see what we can do for each other.


    i talk better english than i write+looking for international cp/clan not spanish or polish :) the spam to much ^^
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.