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lf pvp clan.

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Nefretari, Jun 5, 2014.

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  1. Nefretari

    Nefretari User

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    feoh 99 with dual aeore 99 and other subs 80/80 lf pvp clan.

    some info about me:
    name: nef
    age: old enough
    gender: not shemale.
    from: eu.

    items: all r99.
    epics: epic fails.
    (my items it's my business, you won't give me any so don't ask.)
    ap: 1+

    i have many boxes, 85-87, few 90+ (anakin/lilith), few with duals, and for epics like: aq, baium, orfen.

    general info:
    i play as feoh, and i would like to play it the most, however, i would play on instances on my dual aeore, time to time i can also join as healer for pvp or sieges but very rarely.
    i am very active, i play few hours per day but i log on different hours, and i go afk on random time, sometimes i am off for 1-2 days or more, soon my play time may change, but still i will stay active.
    i can join ts, mumble, ventrillo, but mostly for listen and i am not looking for a friends so don't expect i will spam or talk with all. i prefere solo game and solo hunting, however i would like to enjoy the game and fight for epics, join sieges and open pvp.

    do not ask me about cp.
    if you are interested, mail me in game or pm on forum.
  2. JahRasta

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    bump for good old nef!
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