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[Ramsheart] Olympiad Games 2014-6 (Open)

Discussion in 'Archive' started by phantas1s, Jun 16, 2014.

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  1. phantas1s

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    pbikobka (aeore cardinal) - lau (wynn arcana lord)
    aviud (tyrr duelist) - helloagain (iss hierophant)
    n0mad (yul trickster) - хохлище (yul sagittarius)
    skit666 (feoh soul hound) - люцифа (wynn elemental master)
    сестричкаевы (aeore evas saint) - exsistentia (othell ghost hunter)
    papick (sigel shillien templar) - aviud (tyrr duelist)
    ultimateability (wynn spectral master) - elo (sigel hell knight)
    маргаритка (wynn elemental master) - люцийкарр (yul sagittarius)
    helloagain (iss hierophant) - василисавеликая (yul trickster)
    ilost (feoh storm screamer) - glo0m (aeore evas saint)
    mefistofol (tyrr duelist) - великиймагистрхх (wynn spectral master)
    залечуха (feoh archmage) - stavr (feo mystic muse)
    helloagain (iss hierophant) - орлан (yul sagittarius)
    joker89rus (yul ghost sentinel) - pbikobka (aeore cardinal)
    banladan (sigel shillien templar) - aviud (tyrr duelist)
    малеви4 (feoh soul hound) - ultimateability (wynn spectral master)
    domenik (othell ghost hunter) - abry (wynn spectral master)
    xzxscorpionxzx (sigel hell knight) - aviud (tyrr duelist)
    exsistentia (othell ghost hunter) - generalzorck (othell adventurer)
    mistira (wynn arcana lord) - oleg25 (sigel shillien templar)
    малеви4 (feoh soul hound) - glo0m (aeore evas saint)
    joker89rus (yul ghost sentinel) - lower (tyrr dreadnought)
    glo0m (aeore evas saint) - мельх (sigel phoenix knight)

    ♫ tracklist:
    501 - headrush (ft. belle humble)
    adventure club - need your heart (ft. kai)
    andy duguid ft. leah - wasted (affecting noise remix)
    deadmau5 - aural psynapse (mr fijiwiji remix)
    dubstep - somewhere in time (high rankin remix dubstep fidget house 2011)
    ellie goulding - high for this (patrickreza dubstep remix)
    fracture design - a winter's tale
    holly drummond - like a fool (benzla remix)
    jeremy de koste - i wish (dj swoon remix)
    kleerup ft. lykke li - until we bleed (patrickreza dubstep remix)
    l.a.o.s. - hush now (501 remix)
    martin solveig feat yasmine shah - heartbeat (the cube guys 2011 remix)
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