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Advice | Buffer

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем Joozee, 20 июн 2014.

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  1. Joozee

    Joozee User

    i'm interested in opening a buffer and i dont have enough experience to determine which one would suit me best.
    could anyone give me tips or advices on the cons and pros of each buff class?

    thank you very much!
  2. zauliuz

    zauliuz User

    wc easy to xp 1 > 85. just drain drain drain. and mana never ends.
    bd (female) eye candy..
    others.. well. they all +/- same.
  3. Regnr

    Regnr User

    i haven't been back for long, but this is what i can tell you.

    old (obsolete) buffs (level 1-84)
    • prophet: 20 min single target buffs.
    • bladedancer: 2 min party buffs.
    • swordsinger: 2 min party buffs.
    • warcryer: 20 min party buffs.
    • overlord: 20 min clan buffs.

    new buffs (level 85+)
    • prophet (iss): all buffs are exchanged with 30 minute party buffs. nothing new besides that.
    • bladedancer (iss): all buffs are exchanged with 30 min party buffs. gets a couple of new party buffs to increase damage.
    • swordsinger (iss): all buffs are exchanged with 30 min party buffs. gets a couple of new party buffs to increase defense.
    • warcryer (iss): all buffs are exchanged with 30 min party buffs.
    • overlord (iss): all buffs are exchanged with 30 min clan buffs.

    • prophet: obsolete sleep. obsolete nukes. fast root. has to deal melee damage (dagger preferably). switch between staff, dagger and bow.
    • bladedancer: switch between dual swords and bow. uses medusa to aoe petrify. has two abilities to deal aoe damage, one of which lowers p.atk and m.atk aoe.
    • swordsinger: switch between two-hander and bow (or sword/shield and bow). i can't remember what abilities this guy got in chaotic throne.
    • warcryer: strongest single target dot in-game. fast sleep. one nuke (vampiric). has party summon. always use blunt magic weapon.
    • overlord: aoe debuffs, cp heals clan. one nuke (vampiric). fast sleep. always use blunt magic weapon.

    the playstyles mentioned above are old playstyles, but are near consistent with the latest expansion.

    it's easier to level up warcryers and overlords in the latest expansion, since the mp reduction buffs from the apprentice guide gives them infinite mana, so long as it's mobs they're nuking. it quickly changes during pvp, just fyi.

    but to be honest, it's much easier to level up a bd because i can aoe mobs with it. it's quite efficient.
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