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[Core] RedGuard Aden/Rune siege - 15.06.2014

Discussion in 'Archive' started by sh1ny, Jun 23, 2014.

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  1. sh1ny

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    edit : warning, don't play this on speakers if your kids are nearby and they understand english.

    few words about the video :

    it's quickly put together, as i didn't have time to edit much.
    unfortunately ( even tho i recorded with sound ) the famous words of neme while cresting didn't make it into the video, but they will forever live in our hearts <3. fraps shows around 1 hour and 20 minutes of siege time and it's the first half.
    second half went to oblivion, but it's more or less repeating the same scenes from this video.

    scenes :

    1. ba inside aden castle, rg clearing outside.
    2. ba inside aden castle, rg protecting flag.
    3 & 4. bs & bs ii rushing rune after ba crested aden. there was at least 1 more rush that didn't make it to the video ( which is in the time table after all shown in it ). not sure if the 2nd life tower went down, but inner gates were never broken.
    5. main rg force is in aden ( check red&blue messages, they are fighting vs bs ). in rune - my party and winemaker party + one of those "random" parties defending vs bsii + {amber}. i have to say that killing alarion is far greater challenge than keeping bsii from entering rune castle.

    as always, this video is featuring :

    clusmy mouse/keyboard movements.
    tyrr afraid to go infront.
    massive killing capacity on tight spots.
    people dying from my active reflect :(
    handicapped buffs.
    lindvior earring on tyrr.
    fail pve, when they explained to me that those mobs on the life tower don't give sp :s

    music :

    1. ozzy and crystal method ol dirty ******* dmx - nowhere to run
    2. korn - all in the family.
    3.ice cube feat. korn - **** dying ( don't avoid forum filters )
    4. filter - hey man, nice shot !
    5. cypress hill - rock superstar
    6. limp bizkit - n2gether now

    as closing words - thanks for the fun we had on this siege, to both sides. it ain't about who won or lost, it's about actually enjoying the game. i am pretty sure none of us is done yet, so hopefully this sunday will prove as fun as the last one.

    best regards,
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  2. RedWind

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    100% true xd

    there is a some special add-on (in the description)? ;d
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