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GG Error 153

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Boica, Jun 27, 2014.

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  1. Boica

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    can login gameguard error 153

    check4game version=1.9.4
    cpu: intel(r) core(tm) i5-2430m cpu @ 2.40ghz
    video: nvidia geforce gt 540m / / 20140519
    video: intel(r) hd graphics family / / 20110325
    os(64) microsoft windows nt 6.1.7601 service pack 1
    .net 2.0.50727.5477 / memory: 8086 mbytes
    report date: 27.06.2014 15:12:53 +03:00 gmt
    files.cinn file info => size=595474 bytes
    lastmodified=tue, 24 jun 2014 13:07:13 gmt
    game: lineage2eu, env: eu-l2_live, current folder =>
    c:\games\lineageii eu

    please check appinit_dlls! virus? =>
    hkey_local_machine\software\wow6432node\microsoft\windows nt\currentversion\windows
    nvspcap.dll size = 1122312 bytes

    winsock2 namespace_catalog
    c:\program files (x86)\bonjour\mdnsnsp.dll

    winsock2 protocol_catalog

    process list
    nvstreamsvc.exe : nvidia streamer service,nvidia streamer
    chrome.exe : google chrome
    wmiprvse.exe : wmi provider host,microsoftâ® windowsâ® operating system
    svchost.exe : host process for windows services,microsoftâ® windowsâ® operating system
    searchindexer.exe : microsoft windows search indexer,windowsâ® search
    nvbackend.exe : nvidia geforce experience backend,nvidia geforce experience
    rzovlmon.exe : monitor razer overlay driver service,rzovlmon
    calc.exe : windows calculator,microsoftâ® windowsâ® operating system
    quickset.exe : quickset
    lms.exe : local manageability service,intel(r) active management technology local manageability service
    btplayerctrl.exe : bluetooth media player controller,intel proset\wireless bluetooth
    zeroconfigservice.exe : intelâ® proset/wireless zero configure service,intel(r) proset/wireless
    taskhost.exe : host process for windows tasks,microsoftâ® windowsâ® operating system
    lsass.exe : local security authority process,microsoftâ® windowsâ® operating system
    svchost.exe : host process for windows services,microsoftâ® windowsâ® operating system
    hwdeviceservice64.exe : dcshost,hwdeviceservice
    wmpnetwk.exe : windows media player network sharing service,microsoftâ® windowsâ® operating system
    smss.exe : windows session manager,microsoftâ® windowsâ® operating system
    hsmserviceentry.exe : nservice application
    services.exe : services and controller app,microsoftâ® windowsâ® operating system
    lsm.exe : local session manager service,microsoftâ® windowsâ® operating system
    msseces.exe : microsoft security client user interface,microsoft security client
    explorer.exe : windows explorer,microsoftâ® windowsâ® operating system
    nvnetworkservice.exe : nvidia network service
    netsession_win.exe : akamai netsession client
    iastoricon.exe : iastoricon
    nvvsvc.exe : nvidia driver helper service, version 337.88
    ff_protection.exe : ff_protection mfc application,ff_protection application
    conhost.exe : console window host,microsoftâ® windowsâ® operating system
    bthsamppalservice.exe : intelâ® centrinoâ® wireless bluetoothâ® + high speed virtual adapter,intelâ® centrinoâ® wireless bluetoothâ® high speed
    iastordatamgrsvc.exe : iastordatasvc
    nvscpapisvr.exe : stereo vision control panel api server
    armsvc.exe : adobe acrobat update service
    csrss.exe : client server runtime process,microsoftâ® windowsâ® operating system
    wlanext.exe : windows wireless lan 802.11 extensibility framework,microsoftâ® windowsâ® operating system
    devmonsrv.exe : bluetooth device monitor,intel proset\wireless bluetooth
    mdnsresponder.exe : bonjour service,bonjour
    4game-tray.exe : 4game tray,4game
    dwm.exe : desktop window manager,microsoftâ® windowsâ® operating system
    nvtray.exe : nvidia settings
    regsrvc.exe : intel(r) proset/wireless registry service,intel(r) proset/wireless
    unsecapp.exe : sink to receive asynchronous callbacks for wmi client application,microsoftâ® windowsâ® operating system
    syntpenh.exe : synaptics touchpad enhancements,synaptics pointing device driver
    dcshelper.exe : datacardmonitor mfc application,huawei technologies co., ltd. datacardmonitor
    loggingserver.exe : loggings application
    adb.exe : c:\program files (x86)\htc\htc sync manager\htc sync\adb.exe
    ravbg64.exe : hd audio background process
    nvxdsync.exe : nvidia user experience driver component
    skypec2cautoupdatesvc.exe : updates skype click to call,skype click to call
    winlogon.exe : windows logon application,microsoftâ® windowsâ® operating system
    taskeng.exe : task scheduler engine,microsoftâ® windowsâ® operating system
    pnkbstra.exe : c:\windows\syswow64\pnkbstra.exe
    uns.exe : user notification service,intel(r) management and security application user notification service
    passthrusvr.exe : passthrusvr application
    msmpeng.exe : antimalware service executable,microsoft malware protection
    bthssecuritymgr.exe : intel(r) bluetooth(r) hs security manager service,intel(r) bluetooth(r) high speed
    igfxpers.exe : persistence module,intel(r) common user interface
    hkcmd.exe : hkcmd module,intel(r) common user interface
    mediasrv.exe : bluetooth media service,intel proset\wireless bluetooth
    4game-service.exe : 4game client service,4game
    rzsynapse.exe : razer synapse
    oodag.exe : o&o defrag agent (x64),o&o defrag
    rundll32.exe : windows host process (rundll32),microsoftâ® windowsâ® operating system
    wininit.exe : windows start-up application,microsoftâ® windowsâ® operating system
    aertsr64.exe : andrea filters apo access service (64-bit),apo access service (64-bit)
    syntphelper.exe : synaptics pointing device helper,synaptics pointing device driver
    skype.exe : skype ,skype
    ouc.exe : c:\programdata\omnitel mobilusis internetas\onlineupdate\ouc.exe
    !---- 'toolbarupdater.exe' ----!
    toolbarupdater.exe : toolbaru application ,toolbaru application
    vprot.exe : vprotect application ,vprotect application
    skypec2cpnrsvc.exe : phone number recognition (pnr) module,skype click to call
    spoolsv.exe : spooler subsystem app,microsoftâ® windowsâ® operating system
    nissrv.exe : microsoft network realtime inspection service,microsoft malware protection
    obexsrv.exe : bluetooth obex service,intel proset\wireless bluetooth
    mdm.exe : machine debug manager,microsoftâ® visual studio .net
    evteng.exe : intel(r) proset/wireless event log service,intel(r) proset/wireless
    check4game.exe : check4game,check and diagnostic utility for 4game's games
    nusb3mon.exe : usb 3.0 monitor

    modules list
    notepad.exe.mui:6.1.7600.16385:notepad:microsoft corporation

    ntdll.dll.mui:6.1.7600.16385:nt layer dll:microsoft corporation

    kernel32:6.1.7601.18015:windows nt base api client dll:microsoft corporation

    kernelbase:6.1.7601.18015:windows nt base api client dll:microsoft corporation

    advapi32.dll.mui:6.1.7600.16385:advanced windows 32 base api:microsoft corporation

    msvcrt.dll:7.0.7601.17744:windows nt crt dll:microsoft corporation

    sechost.dll.mui:6.1.7600.16385:host for scm/sddl/lsa lookup apis:microsoft corporation

    rpcrt4.dll.mui:6.1.7600.16385:remote procedure call runtime:microsoft corporation

    gdi32:6.1.7601.18275:gdi client dll:microsoft corporation

    user32:6.1.7601.17514:multi-user windows user api client dll:microsoft corporation

    languagepack:6.1.7601.18177:language pack:microsoft corporation

    uniscribe:1.0626.7601.18454:uniscribe unicode script processor:microsoft corporation

    comdlg32.dll.mui:6.1.7600.16385:common dialogs dll:microsoft corporation

    shlwapi.dll.mui:6.1.7600.16385:shell light-weight utility library:microsoft corporation

    comctl32.dll.mui:6.1.7600.16385:user experience controls library:microsoft corporation

    shell32.dll.mui:6.1.7601.17514:windows shell common dll:microsoft corporation

    winspool.drv.mui:6.1.7600.16385:windows spooler driver:microsoft corporation

    ole32.dll.mui:6.1.7600.16385:microsoft ole for windows:microsoft corporation

    oleaut32.dll:6.1.7601.17676:microsoft corporation

    version.dll:6.1.7600.16385:version checking and file installation libraries:microsoft corporation

    imm32:6.1.7600.16385:multi-user windows imm32 api client dll:microsoft corporation

    msctf.dll.mui:6.1.7600.16385:msctf server dll:microsoft corporation

    nvinit.dll: shim initialization dll, version 337.88 :nvidia corporation

    object reference not set to an instance of an object.

    nvd3d9wrap.dll: d3d9wrap dll, version 337.88 :nvidia corporation
    c:\program files\nvidia corporation\coprocmanager\nvd3d9wrapx.dll

    setupapi.dll.mui:6.1.7600.16385:windows setup api:microsoft corporation

    cfgmgr32.dll:6.1.7601.17514:configuration manager dll:microsoft corporation

    devinfoset.dll:6.1.7600.16385:device information set dll:microsoft corporation

    nvdxgiwrap.dll: dxgiwrap dll, version 337.88 :nvidia corporation
    c:\program files\nvidia corporation\coprocmanager\nvdxgiwrapx.dll

    cryptbase.dll:6.1.7600.16385:base cryptographic api dll:microsoft corporation

    uxtheme.dll.mui:6.1.7600.16385:microsoft uxtheme library:microsoft corporation

    dwmapi.dll.mui:6.1.7600.16385:microsoft desktop window manager api:microsoft corporation

    services list
    adobearmservice : adobe acrobat update service
    aertfilters : andrea rt filters service
    amppalr3 : intelâ® centrinoâ® wireless bluetoothâ® + high speed service
    bonjour service : bonjour service
    bthssecuritymgr : intel(r) centrino(r) wireless bluetooth(r) + high speed security service
    c2cautoupdatesvc : skype click to call updater
    c2cpnrsvc : skype click to call pnr service
    evteng : intel(r) proset/wireless event log
    gpsvc : group policy client
    htcmonitorservice : htcmonitorservice
    hwdeviceservice64.exe : hwdeviceservice64.exe
    iastordatamgrsvc : intel(r) rapid storage technology
    lms : intel(r) management and security application local management service
    mdm : machine debug manager
    msmpsvc : microsoft antimalware service
    nissrv : microsoft network inspection
    nvnetworkservice : nvidia network service
    nvstreamsvc : nvidia streamer service
    nvsvc : nvidia display driver service
    oodefragagent : o&o defrag
    passthru service : internet pass-through service
    pnkbstra : pnkbstra
    regsrvc : intel(r) proset/wireless registry service
    rzovlmon : razer overlay subsystem emergency service
    spooler : print spooler
    stereo service : nvidia stereoscopic 3d driver service
    stisvc : windows image acquisition (wia)
    uns : intel(r) management and security application user notification service
    wmpnetworksvc : windows media player network sharing service
    wsearch : windows search
    zeroconfigservice : intel(r) proset/wireless zero configuration service
    vtoolbarupdater18.1.7 : vtoolbarupdater18.1.7
    4game-service : 4game-service
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  2. casillias

    casillias Technical specialist Innova Group

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    what should you do!
    1) make windows backup (how to do it, google will say (cause i am not that good in english))
    2) download lspfix.exe small app to remove such things (i see you have it, but somehow it is in your system folder)
    3) start it as administrator (even if you are the only profile on the pc does not matter, push "run as administrator")
    4) in the window, find this dll and move it to the right, tick where it is necessary
    5) press okay and reboot...

    if after reboot you won't have internet connection, load from backup made in p. 1) ... or reinstall your os completely, as you won't be able to play
    and if after reboot you will have connection, congratz you are welcome

    also find and uninstall this thing
    !---- 'toolbarupdater.exe' ----!
    toolbarupdater.exe : toolbaru application ,toolbaru application

    it also may cause problems
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  3. Boica

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    done, ty now all work fine
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