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The Great Strike - The Official Manifesto

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем crypt01, 4 июл 2014.

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  1. crypt01

    crypt01 User

    the official manifesto

    we the players of this server have for years taken advantages of game exploits, illegal adena markets, and automated game-play third party programs. we have abused so much of every kind of cheat that the situation of the server has become unplayable, due to the reduction of players (strongly attributed to the cheating we have perpetuated) the income of the server was greatly reduced and therefor the administration of the server had to cut the staff and increase their p2w events.

    we have no shame and we refuse to take any responsibility. thus we demand the administration to:

    - ban every rmt bot. (yes also those we bought adena from, but don't remove our adena)
    - enhance their efforts to prevent the use of third party programs that automate the game-play.
    - we demand that anyone caught using software to enter any instance be banned. (but don't retroactively remove any item we got because we feel we deserved them)
    - we demand you take the full blame and we expect you to apology to the whole server for letting us abuse of everything at the point of making this server unplayable.​

    we hope you will take all the appropriate actions as soon as possible. in the mean time we will protest in various useless ways further crippling this server.

    yours sincerely, the hypocrites of the server.
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