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Blackswans Clan is Looking for you

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем turnON, 18 июл 2014.

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  1. turnON

    turnON User

    clan blackswans with rich in game experience and heroes looking for candidates like you .

    clan exist from beginning of server with all clan skills earned .

    - we offer nice clan events every day ( end game raid bosses, pve/pvp content )
    - nice and friendly environment in clan
    - dkp system
    - olympiad possibilities
    - clan hall in rune
    - castle
    - multinational environment - english language is a must
    - heroes support in pvp

    what we require

    1, cp's 97+ who are self driven ,
    2, self motivation with diplomatic and communication behavior skills
    3, active and strongly pvp oriented and following vision and rules of clan .
    4, english language is a must

    who are our enemies

    blackangels and redguards ,
    - if you are the right one who want to have a challenge in this game this clan is offering you the opportunity to meet these enemies in battleground

    send mail in game to turnon / shanique

    let your journey begin.
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