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smoothping, batlleping, wtfast

Discussion in 'Archive' started by panchomon, Jul 22, 2014.

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  1. panchomon

    panchomon User

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    hi any can help my to configure any of this programs thx
  2. Norekien

    Norekien User

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    sure, i just tried wtfast but it's been a while since i don't use it, let's see if i can remember how to, anyway i will strongly recommend you to use leatrix, it's fixes lag for me, not all lag but almost everything, just download click on install reboot pc and it's ok.
    about wtfast:
    1 download it and install.
    2 log with your account and press on log in, if you don't have paid acc, just press on log in or similar.
    3 choose the game that you wanna play with.
    4 at server options to choose one, choose short by ping, it takes a while and then you have em shorted by ping, choose the lowest ping one, since you're spanish, i think, one french server will be the best option.
    5 click on play and it will open one window with some kind of stats of internet usage or smth like.
    6 open lineage 2 from webpage and enjoy the game!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.