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My feedback

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем Bufaritza, 21 дек 2011.

Статус темы:
  1. Bufaritza

    Bufaritza User

    this post will be what i think about the current situation of the community/server/staff and with a bit of the past few weeks added in there.
    i will also give grade from 1 to 10 on every aspect. at the end i will make an arithmetic average. besides that i will make an average but this time, it will be more precise, because every section will have a percentage of the total score, because for example, the chapter website is far less important then gameplay for example.

    1) website
    2)game launch, in-game feedback
    4)l2 store

    1. website

    the website you have is a joke. it is very very unprofessional and it just gives the wrong impression from the start. even the buttons are very badly put. i have failed to participate in the "event" where we had to link our facebook accounts because honestly i saw 0 posts about it and saw the "event" button below your account on the top right of the website like way to late... website needs to be changed to something more "official", like any other mmo game out there. i know this cannot be done over night, making a web-site that size takes months(yes, months).
    i like it that we launch from the website because this makes it hard for the "coders" to program efficient bots. also, the patches are pretty much very well done, i have yet to experience bugs in installing etc. a friend did, and i talked to him on the phone without consulting the forum and we fixed his issue(the download was freezing).

    percentage of final grade:10%

    2.game launch, in-game feedback,

    game-launch is ok, i don't know why is everyone *****ing so hard about the way you launch it. less bots. i have seen one bot so far in the whole game and i have reported him and gm came in less them 5 minutes and banned his ***.

    there are some disconnects, lags and stuff like that, but it is way less then a private server.
    i like how the server is handling the amount of players, although we are lagging at prime hours a bit.
    gameplay wise, and for this i am speaking about the quality of the service, not how i like the game is good. unfortunately, there are a lot of bugs, and it seems it gets buggier every fix. in korea they've already launched another update called the harmony chronicles, which is essentially a major bug fix, tweaks and stuff like that for god. if anyone is interested, it will be available for us probably in april-may. what i do not like is the differences beetwen our server and ncsoft. they have different bonuses on the path of awakening, some quests that are not working properly here etc... also, over over over crowded spots most of the time.it is slowly getting better but it will get worse. why do i say that. imagine in one month maximum 5000 players awakened level 85. i am pretty damn sure there are not enough leveling spots for all of us. well i won't detail any further. overall feeling of official: good.

    grade: 7.5/10
    percentage of final grade:50%


    there are 2 parts here:
    a) in-game support: the in-game support has been flawless. yes, flawless. i have made somewhat of a rule of mine. everyday when i log in i type gmlist. if i find a gm i wish them a happy day at work, good weekend etc bla bla bla. why?! i am not *** licking or trying to get gm's to get me stuff. btw, for all the idiots that think they can, they can't, because every **** they do is logged and noted and the sgm and whoevver is in charge can see the log and everything, like what they talk, where they port, what they spawn etc bla bla bla. unless there is some kind of internal agreement about this stuff (see eve online).i do this because most of them are young people that are doing this out of passion. i don't even know if they get pay'd for this ****. most gm's in online games don't get pay'ed. anyway, gm's have acted very proffesional, helped us a lot and in general trying they're best. i would commnet that they have been beggining to be less and less online, which is a bad sign. hell, don't be 5 gm's on at the same time, but at least 3-4 hours a day in-game gm support should be available.

    grade: 9/10
    percentage of final note:10%

    b) forum/ticket support/patches: the forum support is mediocre at best. the moderators are pretty much clueless. i know they have to use "dear" and kind regards and have to be polite, but they are over doing it. and its funny cause most of the times, all they have to say is please reffer to "this"(this being an official announcement that has very little information) or we are aware of the situation and will keep you posted. face it, you do not know what's wrong or whats going on and you are posting something to try and look as you are on top of it.
    ticker support via support.4game.com is very well done, because it is mainly run by the in-game gm's. the answers are quick and give significant info.
    patches are pretty much fail. i am not talking about the way they are installed, but the content. golden rule of any patch, fix whatever!!!!:
    patch notes!!!!!!! it is mandatory, yes mandatory that every patch you do is followed by the so called patch notes, where you detail every aspect of what is being changed and how. i expect this to be changed from next patch. also, i find it unacceptable that nckorea sends a patch, you guys install it and then see that mobs level have gone up, defense of mobs has gone sky roof, and you explicitly say in your announcement, in broad words that you don't have a clue as to what happened and that you are just waiting for a miracle to come from korea.

    grade: 3/10
    percentage of final note: 10%(that 3 points are from the support ticket, you got none on the others)

    4. l2 store

    the hot topic of the day. ok, i will try to make this brief. first of all you need to understand that innova has an agreement with ncsoft, also they have bought the license, they have got equipment, staff, location(aka building) etc etc. these cost money. also the license for l2 might have some specific clauses on it, like you cannot patch the game on your own and have to wait for official patches, % of profit goes to us bla bla bla bla bla....

    on top of that, the prices you are seeing are not based on greediness of the company. it might be a bit of "let's make money from these no-lifers" throwed in there, but hey..you are willing to give so much, why not profit from it. the prices you see on l2 store and the pa are calculated based on many things, that include the economic situation of the region, clauses in the contract with the ncsoft, feasibility study, expectations of the company from its clients, calculations of what to expect(that are made based on different prices, simulated over time etc etc, i have actually done this in college and it's not a walk in the park). half of the items in the l2store are waste, and they will be removed in time when they see very few people buy them. the prices will also be tweaked. marketing did a sweet job of giving us the candy called pa then taking it away with a grim on it's face and an open palm toward us saying "pay up" if you want more. excellent work there.
    80% of the players on the server are from central and eastern european countries. yes, this is a fact, i am not throwing numbers out of my ***. the current economic situation in these countries and in europe also(look at spain, italy, germany) is pretty grim as euro is on the brink of collapse. the price for pa is fair, but! for economical reasons and because this game is pretty old and it is hard for it to compete these days with upcoming titans i recommend a lowering to 9.99 euro/month. please spare me the cry and flames. i live in romania, i have college and i cannot work a lot because of my crappy schedule. but i still do it, still get the crappy 100-150 euro per month doing student jobs and wow, what do you know, i can afford paying 15 euro for this game(yes, i have added 15 euro to my account today). on top of that, i have never played lineage 2 on official, only on private servers, so for the years of fun l2 has offered me i can spare finally spare 15 euros to say "i know it's late, but thank you, here's 15 euro's from me".

    the l2 store and pa is a service, you do not have to pay for it if you do not. you are poor, don't have debit card/credit card, can't afford one?! the game is free 2 play and can be played by everyone. bare in mind that 99% of the content is available for everyone, while other f2p games offer less content for f2p, and actually make you buy premium and other stuff to actually survive.

    so yes, i will buy at least 1 month of pa, and no, i will not feel i have been scammed, or like an idiot, or like a no lifer or like i have wasted the past week of my life to find out the price.

    hey i am actually happy because a lot of kids and whiners are leaving. yay! less lag, more mobs! less drama!!!

    grade: 7/10
    percentage of final grade: 20%

    let's sum them up:
    arithmetic average:5+7.5+9+3+7/5=31.5/5= 6.3

    realistic based on percentage:10% of 5=0.5; 50% of 7.5=3.75 ; 10% of 9=0.9 ; 10% of 3=0.3; 20% of 7=1.4
    total:0.5+3.75+0.9+0.3+1.4=6.85 out of 10

    so, in my opinion your realistic grade from 1 to 10 is 6.85 out of 10.
    that is fair, but as you can see, there is room for a lot of improvement. it is up to you guys to get to a say 8 out of 10 in the next month or two.

    hope i do not get trolled hard...

    thank you and have a nice evening.
  2. Fahrenheit

    Fahrenheit User


    thank you very much for this feedback - you took your time to write this all and that is something to be praised. a big one, yet lots of information we can consider and thus become better! no trolling at all - we cherish your opinion as long as it is based on facts and impressions you get.

    cheers for a great work and hope we will meet this high 9 of 10 or 10 from 10 points :)

    with lots of respect
  3. Kwivie

    Kwivie User

    wauw youve gotta be one of the first who gets an actual gm respond :eek:!!! so we can get a gm responce as long as we say good thing and ofcourse use facts they like... intresting
  4. Apophis

    Apophis User

    no he/she got a response cause he/she shared his opinion in a civilized maner and it is based on facts. and he/she didn't ask anything :)
  5. Novern

    Novern User

    1) website
    2)game launch, in-game feedback
    4)l2 store

    ok, here we go.

    1. website.
    not really a website, more like a portal. it's badly scripted and the design fails to impress me. i've had numerous problems ranging from failure to change my password to other weird errors and miscalculations on the site's part. the most important thing of all is that the connections between the portal and for example the in-game store is pretty much a failure. i could say the same thing about the connection with the game and a few other things, i'm not going in detail because i haven't been keeping count of all the problems i've encountered so far. last thing i remember is that i tried to add funds to my account for like 3 hours in a row and it didn't work because the website kept sending me in this endless loop of errors that prevented me from actually paying. it needs to be better coded and structured, it needs to have categories most important of all, not everything thrown on one page since it can easily confuse simple users that don't have the patience to look for this and that. i missed a bunch of important information because of the site, simply because it does not stand out the way it should.

    rated 6/10.

    2. game launch and in-game feedback.
    ok, i suppose this also addresses problems such as in-game technical issues, bugs, exploitable glitches a.s.o.a.s.f.
    i won't get too specific about it. long story short, classes are not as balanced as i expected, the pk system is weird (not really bad, just.. weird). another thing that really made me ragequit once was the stackable poison effect, i had like, what, 3 stacks? i died almost instantly. plus too many mobs using ud. the coolest mob that has ud is claw of splendor. ud and cancellation = gg, you can't do anything about it. have a nice rebuff session, lol.
    as far as the game launch goes.. ugh, i've had a few problems with that, especially with the new update. i get d/c from time to time, not every so often though. i also find it annoying that i have to use the portal in order to log in and play, mainly because using an exe launcher is more comfortable and secondly because i don't have to reconfigure my xfire each time there's a new update for it to detect the game. even if it has its drawbacks it prevents bots -- however -- i've seen a person that actually managed to use 3rd party software that interferes with the game. he did so in order to prove that the system is not flawless, it seems.
    there's also the lag that drives people crazy, mainly due to overpopulation.

    rated 7/10.

    3. support.
    i was pleasantly surprised to see that gms are always on and responsive to player complaints and requests. i have encountered nothing negative about the support team in-game. there is only one thing, however i am not going to post it here.
    regarding the forum part i will refrain from commenting regardless of what i have to say, because i am part of the mod team and my opinion should stay private regarding these matters. my impression about the forum and the team is always discussed in private, with the team.

    rated 9/10

    4. l2 store.
    well, this has been the second problem i encountered that ruined my day. i've had a few problems in the beginning, but today was hell for me if we're talking about the l2 store. i am just gonna outline this.. there is a need of more payment methods. there, i said it. it's the second time they block my credit card because of skrill. excessive security measures and a really annoying system to use, i always seem to have trouble going through my payments. the prices of the items in-game are pretty ok, a bit expensive but nothing too exaggerated. as far as the pa prices go, there's been too much talk about that already. i've already expressed my opinion about that in another topic today. innova comes with expenses of its own. plenty. however the pa price is, in my opinion, too high. period. not going to start a riot over that.

    rated 8/10.
  6. 2Good

    2Good User

    some light in the darkness of l2 forums.
  7. Pinko

    Pinko User

    can a mod clean the topic, please - this post included. ty in advance
  8. igeto

    igeto User

    he said good things? u speak like he was praising them but he gave 6.8 out of 10

    the dude basically described the real situation... and he really used the right way to express himself

    if u come here to troll or flame about the high price lag etc... after a while ull loose ureself in all the hate and u wont even remember why u dont like innova team ull just know u dont like them...

    and yes he did get a response from the gm which means hes doing it right (y) unlike 80% of u opening new threads all the time about the same subject and making threads 18 pages long with repetitive posts...
    if only whole community was like this or at least most of them maybe we would have had better communication with the gms and solve these problems much sooner and less painful
  9. Etherial

    Etherial User

    we'd like to inform you that this topic is being closed, since it is inactive, and is being archived, as planned.

    kind regards.
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