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Thoughts about online gaming

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем Zairakh, 7 сен 2014.

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  1. Zairakh

    Zairakh User

    after over 10 years of gaming and multiple games i've realized how the trend of all this has changed in an irreparable way for most of the people that started with me, back then, to a point that everything changed.
    i mean, some would argue that its common for a market to do so while changing audience and aiming at larger profits.
    doesn't every commercial enterprises do eventually the same if they prove to be capable of substain their growth?
    yeah, but i'm arguing the method of these changes and our faults as players, meant as a community of individuals who should share the same plans, the same beliefs, the same road.
    but no, we're more often brought to jump of some other guy's throat about some silly ingame questions and we prove to utterly incapable of realizing whats going on around every of us.
    we're blinding ourself, we're incapable of push our reasonable goals and even if we manage we can't defend them, so we'll be loosing as soon as the storm is passed.
    think a little, in this comparison, about the workers strikes in the '900, a whole different matter, i know, but it has followed the exact same pattern.
    yet their unity managed something of such a great impact that actually brought me here to type this and yours to read.
    i know that the nature of a commercial company is to make profit , i also know that my nature as a customer should be one and one only, to obtain the best deal possible with it while dealing with a stronger counterpart.
    but i'm a stupid romantic that believes that i can actually improve my gaming experience if the people around me are actually capable of seeing the bigger picture.
    we're louder while screaming against game bugs, mechanics or about who is stronger , but nobody really hears us when we, intended as a playerbase, are actually asking meaningful things for everybody, be it to fight cheating or to correct game distortions.
    gaming is intended to be an hobby, for some a serious one, for some just a relaxing frame, but still, thats it.
    we can live without online gaming, but eventually we don't want to make that definitive step.
    so thats the reason of why we should put some effort in making it better and not just for our own self, but for the many of us.

    older / newer gaming generation conflict
    this is a clear part, at least to me.
    and is actually induced from the higher ups (read as the software houses) that need the new blood to chase away and replace whos nowadays proving to be incompatible with their new models.
    you might have seen me going overboard flaming the new players and their mentality, i admit, yeah, i did.
    why i did? feelings, i, as everybody else, have some.
    i realize they are mostly no more than toys, in the hand of other (potential rivalry) older gamers or simply blindfolded from what their beliefs are.
    yeah, i'd like that new gamers would be like me actually, but they will never even consider it.
    can i bypass this conflict? yes, again, but how to? else one of the parts step back or none does, which by now having completely different opinions, mindsets and concepts about how a game should be, which rules should follow, how it should work, it space from everything and it'll lead to an endless series of meaningless discussions which i love to partake, still knowing how pointless those are.

    top to bottom relative communication:

    to be intended that we just learn from devs / publishers / cm's about whats going on, but we have no say in any of these happenings, none at all.
    this is the last concern, and its the last because without solving the first one you can't ever change this aspect.
    simply because you'll lack the strenght to be listened from those that actually develop and publish games to a wider audience.
    there's no clans, no alliances, no country-wide communities that would ever manage this on their own.
    why i'm contesting this way? simply because once the devs / publishers made their choices without listen my/our gaming opinions they are going to make it worse, anyway.
    there is no dev, no cm, no gm that would ever have a wider knowledge than a whole playerbase, be it anywhere between 1k / 100k players, so even in their position they could actually use prepared players objections to make out a better product.
    we're investing time, energies, we explore and test way more than they do for the simple fact that for us is fun, for them is a job, and if they do it they don't do it with the purpose of improving the game (that may be a case that can or cannot happen, doesn't really lead anywhere expecting it to happen) but of making a larger profit, often with disastrous solutions simply because they overlooked aspects that to any of us would've appeared as clear.
    and this is not meant to blame anybody, thats just how the world goes, but a stronger community can actually communicate and express way better than a fragmented one can.
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