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Help interpreting the latest buffs

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем Regnr, 24 сен 2014.

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  1. Regnr

    Regnr User

    i have been searching the web for information about the melody and harmony buffs ever since i got back to the game and i still haven't found what i'm looking for.

    can someone please write down a list of the exact (old) buffs that are in the melody and harmony buffs, so that i can understand what these new buffs actually do?

    i don't need the skill levels (wind walk lv 2), or the stats (33% run spd), just the names will do fine (wind walk).

    i have originally played the game since the korean closed beta / na open beta, quit after interlude, and continued to play on low / mid rate c3-interlude private servers until 2011. the last thing i learned was the combined buffs (p.atk and p.def), but even those buffs don't stick to memory when i have all these other (old) buffs in my memory bank. the latest buffs (melodies and harmonies) have way too much information in them for me to pin-point what they are. i get a headache as soon as i've deciphered half of what is in the drum melody, or whatever it was called, so i would really appreciate an easy-to-read list like (and i'm just going to use random names in my example):

    drum melody
    - wind walk
    - shield
    - song of warding

    this also makes it easier for me to know if there are any buffs i need that the adventurer's guide doesn't give.

    ok, so i had to spend a few hours in excel, to write everything in down...

    and so far, what i've found out, is that all the old buffs are irrelevant, and merely preoccupying needless space and causing confusion.
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  2. Known

    Known User

    here you have what buff replace what old buffs (off all kind of buffers) on down of each site:

    first melodies (buffs all party members at one time, same resistances and sonatas):

    harp melody: http://l2wiki.com/harp_melody_-_iss_hierophant
    drum melody: http://l2wiki.com/drum_melody_-_iss_hierophant
    guitar melody: http://l2wiki.com/guitar_melody_-_iss_hierophant
    lute melody: http://l2wiki.com/lute_melody_-_iss_hierophant
    pipe organ melody: http://l2wiki.com/pipe_organ_melody_-_iss_hierophant
    horn melody: http://l2wiki.com/horn_melody_-_iss_hierophant

    and sonatas (replace songs/dances):
    prevailing sonata: http://l2wiki.com/prevailing_sonata_-_iss_hierophant
    daring sonata: http://l2wiki.com/daring_sonata_-_iss_hierophant
    refreshing sonata: http://l2wiki.com/refreshing_sonata_-_iss_hierophant

    holy attack resistance - http://l2wiki.com/holy_attack_resistance_-_iss_doomcryer
    mental attack resistance - http://l2wiki.com/mental_attack_resistance_-_iss_doomcryer
    elemental resistance - http://l2wiki.com/elemental_resistance_-_iss_doomcryer

    those all buffs are for every class. but there are some buffs what iss cast on target. those buffs depends on your class (or what you need).

    those are harmonies (you can have only one kind of that buff casted on one player):
    warrior's harmony - http://l2wiki.com/warrior's_harmony_-_iss_hierophant
    wizzard's harmony - http://l2wiki.com/wizard's_harmony_-_iss_hierophant
    knight's harmony - http://l2wiki.com/knight's_harmony_-_iss_hierophant

    all isses (except iss dominator what have buffs for clan only) have same buffs and additional buff/sonata for them self (depending on class).

    i hope it will help a bit. if you want to fight mobs in most of cases all melodies is enough (on low lvls) with sonatas (what are 4min if not enchanted) will be just faster. on oly you can choose 5 buffs from melodies and harmonys (best option to choose 4 melodies and one harmony best for your class).

    best regards,
    known aka bytheway
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