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Vampiric -Tyrr worrior spear bug

Discussion in 'Game Bugs' started by kreeper, Oct 8, 2014.

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  1. kreeper

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    im a tyrr berseker , in bloody swampland i tested and huricane storm and eruption did not apply any vampiric rage when im using spear weapon (pa - apocalypse stormer). also huricane blaster, armor distruction sems to dont apply vampiric rage, but sometime when i have momentum its apply.

    if i use dual sword (pa - apocalypse dualsword) its apply vampiric from all skills (close rage/aoe/range skill)

    if i switch from spear to dualsword , dualsword get bugged and did not apply vampiric, need to use restart and after its work again.

    both of weapon have good vampiric when using basic hit, but sometime when attack multiple target with spear i think i miss some vampiric.

    when i use a spear, not even if i restart game not fix the vampiric rage problem.

    i dont have a normal weapon to test if is a pa-weapon problem or a character one.

    i notice this bug when i made train in bloodyswampland, i start train using dualsword and my hp was all the time more then 75%, but i notice that spear have incrase in skill power (+50%) for huricane storm and eruption, then i switch to spear, and die 2 times... the damage is incrased, but no vr, then i switch back to dualsword and same bug, i restart and dualsword work again. i do the same for spear but no use...

    ok, any help?
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  2. Known

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    have same issue with my tyrr.
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