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Lowlevel dailyquests, Kamaloka

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Krontas, Oct 15, 2014.

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  1. Krontas

    Krontas User

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    hi i cant find the npc for accepting the dailyquests when you are under lvl 85. did they remove the quests? what is with the kamalokaquests? normaly when you do all kamaloka you will get a reward. i made this but the quest got deleted and i cant do it one more time.
    did they remove the steel coin quests? i dont hope so ;d such a lot of **** you wont find in patch notes :-/
  2. lilien

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    gift from our ncw friends, first link that pop up in google, not really hard to search a bit

    the following are the quests that have been deleted:
    o berserk outlaws
    o not to be forgotten
    o the oppressor and the oppressed
    o mysterious letter
    o blood from the wall
    o be well
    o open secret
    o mutated kaneus - gludio
    o mutated kaneus - dion
    o mutated kaneus - heine
    o mutated kaneus - oren
    o mutated kaneus - schuttgart
    o mutated kaneus - rune

    o silver haired shaman
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