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Lilith's arrival message

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Onyx, Oct 28, 2014.

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  1. Onyx

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    Hello and welcome!

    So, you have been out of Lineage 2 for a while, and now you have just discovered that there is no Polish 4game anymore. You are confused and puzzled: What happened? Where are your characters? Will you ever see them again?

    Let me resolve your doubts: On 23rd of September 2014 Lilith server was transferred to Core server. All Lilith's inhabitants willing to be a part of this transfer were asked to enter the game on Core server once. If you haven't done that most likely your account has not been transferred, but despite this there is still a chance to continue to play with your characters, because we may restore your characters manually. Here is what you should do:

    1. Take a look at the calendar. If it's still 2014, gratz and proceed to step 2. If it's not - unfortunately we will not be able to restore your characters.
    2. Write a petition to support.4game.com and wait for instructions from GM, and then just wait. We will restore your characters 95+ or one character at your choice of levels 85-94. if there are no characters above level 85 on your account - no restoration is considered.

    Please note that we do this restoration manually, and it may take up to a month.

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