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New to server - Few questions! :P

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем Taunt, 16 дек 2014.

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  1. Taunt

    Taunt User

    recently moved here from ncwest's chronos server. the idea of little to no bots kinda pushed me, started yesterday my main will be an iss heirophant.

    what i was wondering is i got the 2 day pa for the 0.01 euro to try it out and its great, but do you have to have vitality to get the bonus exp? curious because once i hit 85 i will lose vit in like 2 seconds and i dont see any vitality maintaining potions on the store.

    my last question is i'm now 81 and soloing as a heirophant has become next to impossible, is there any nice 85-89 players out there willing to help me power to 85 in bloody swamps?! :d

    same ingame name as on the forum here, you can also follow me on twitch under the name yulrun.

    oh also looking for a good clan that plays close to my timezone, obviously being from canada i'm gonna vary from most here while on holidays now i will be playing pretty much from 11h00 to 22h00 each day, after the holidays will be closer to 17h00 to 22h00. est

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  2. Vonak

    Vonak User

    well welcome here first!

    vitality have nothing related to pa feature. vitality decrease proportionally to the xp you earn. at 99 you have 1 minute vitality because mobs are giing alot :d
    at 81 you have 2 options : doing sel mahum quest / plain of lizarman quest (both 50 + 900 items) that will gives you two levels, or at least find someone awaken to do that for you. or just farm in dragon valley till 85.
  3. Seivlas

    Seivlas User

    welcome to our server (aka serbidor) !

    pa does actually have a slight impact on vitality, as the number of vitality items you can use a week is 5 without pa, and 10 with it. you have some ways to refill vitality with l2store :
    -buying scroll of vitality (will refill 1,2,4 quarters of vitality depending on the grade used).
    -buying the shabby caskets (and hoping to get the warm breeze box, which works like a recovery vitality potion for 1h)

    i leveled a hierophant, and, tbh, you got more than blessed with the current event of hero weaps. leveling as a pp is hard as **** (stats of mage, without any spell), and i'd not advice you to go to dv unless you've a hero weap. and still, as vonak said, sel mahum quest is a must.
    iirc, quest mahum quest is named "terror of town". try to get in a clan to get some help, as you will more than probably won't be able to take mobs on (and even if you do, killing 950 monsters will take you a day or two...). you'll earn more than 500kk xp, so it's a must.

    btw, if you're from quebec (or/so able to speak/write french), we're currently recruiting frenchies in our clan, do not hesistate to mail me ig (or vonak/henerik/naucha/leinaya, depending on who's online)
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