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Music for you :3

Discussion in 'Дейвул (Новус + Асу)' started by Alfgen, Mar 1, 2012.



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    давно хотел создать такую темку да уж больно времени небыло)
    да и вкусы у меня под остросюжетный боевик.... занялся копипастом для новусян ^^

    franz ferdinand - the fallen (ruined by justice) (fabriclive 28)
    kool g rap and dj polo - road to the riches
    subkulture feat. klayton of celldweller - erasus
    hans zimmer - 528491
    the prodigy - weather experience

    pod - boom

    cpl summer 2003 1st. sk
    paul oakenfold - brave heart
    paul van dyk - live trance energy(10-08-2003) cute

    aerosmith ft eminem - dream_on (sing for the moment)
    supernatural - rock u

    m19 the revolution is here
    e.s. posthumus. - pompeii
    dover - my secret people
    juno reactor & don davis - navras

    dust brothers - finding the bomb
    black eyed peas - lets get it started

    the offspring - the kids aren't alright

    blue stahli - ultranumb
    nightwish - stargazers
    nightwish - dark_chest_of_wonders (sk 2005 believe)
    nightwish - the kinslayer
    the rasmus - in the shadows
    marilyn manson - use your fist and not your mouth
    feed me - the spell
    basement jaxx - feelings gone
    guano apes - big in japan
    michaі feat. drut - reflected in...(
    pendulum - 9,000 miles
    pendulum - hold your colour
    within temptation - ice queen
    jacks of all trades - blacklist of no good
    allout - hellowen-if i could fly
    blessthefall - a message to the unknown
    sum 41 - open your eyes
    linkin park - numb (eolithic)
    powerman 5000 - bombshell (eolithic)
    e.s. posthumus - cuzco (eolithic)
    killing - spree 4 (killingspree4)
    pendulum - granite (annihilation?)
    pendulum - blood sugar (annihilation?)
    klubheads - без названия (eolithic)
    prodigy - voodoo people (mindtrek lan)
    the prodigy - spitfire
    the prodigy - thunder
    the prodigy - omen
    the prodigy - invaders must die
    papa roach - blood brothers
    papa roach - last resort
    papa roach - infest
    queen - we are the champions
    overseer - horndog
    30 second to mars - king and queens
    shinedown - son of sam
    sofia nikol candiani - if you leave me now
    bomfunk mc's - freestyler (eswc virtus.pro vs sk)
    nightwish - dark chest of wonders (sk believe 2005)
    apocalyptica - somewhere around nothing (sk believe 2005)
    ayumi hamasaki - real me (sk believe 2005)
    vanessa-mae - sailor neptune & sailor uranus (sk believe 2005)
    joe satriani - crowd chant (sk believe 2005)
    enya - wild child (sk believe 2005)
    bonnie tyler - holding out for a hero
    ogilvy & mather - slam
    matrix revolutions - pale 3 - in my head
    teddybears sthlm & mad cobra - cobrastyle
    skillet - awake and alive
    fatboy slim - ya mama
    skillet - comatose
    emancipator - old devil
    amon tobin - nightlife
    school of emotional engineering - slicing the skin between my toes
    celldweller - tragedy
    paul oakenfold - ready steady go
    paul oakenfold - welcome to the club
    lineage ii - hunter's village
    afi - prelude 12/21
    evanescence - going under
    system of a down - aerials audio
    system of a down - chop suey
    limp bizkit - take a look around
    by dexterr48

    и немного от себя:
    the rasmus – night after night (out of the shadows)
    sub focus – last jungle
    michael jackson – billie jean
    mylene farmer – je suis un garcon
    red hot chili peppers – around the world
    the prodigy – girls
    silverstein – you're all i have
    weird al yankovic – hardware store
    nickelback – something in your mouth
    nickelback – someday
    trilogy soldiers – бойня как экшн (mc 1.8, lenar, denn, nekby; музыка denn) ( шикарна для начала )
    sunrise avenue – fairytale gone bad
    lake of tears – lady rosenred
    lake of tears – raistlin and the rose
    helloween – i can
    helloween – if i could fly
    era – enae volare mezzo
    muse – black black heart (remix)
    maino feat. t-pain – all the above
    skillet – whisper in the dark
    papa roach – to be loved
    blink-182 – all the small things
    celldweller – i believe you
    mushmellow – falling
    papa roach – take me
    3oh!3 – touchin on my
    thousand foot krutch – the part that hurts the most (is me)
    papa roach – between angels and insects
    thousand foot krutch – quicken
    thousand foot krutch – e for extinction
    thousand foot krutch – i climb
    bullet for my valentine – alone(melodic metalcore)
    thousand foot krutch – welcome to the masquerade
    manafest – impossible (feat. trevor mcnevan of thousand foot krutch)
    lostprophets – for he's a jolly good felon
    since october – guilty
    sum 41 – subject to change
    a day to remember – all i want
    sick puppies – you're going down
    gregorian – engel
    дискотека авария – зло
    skorpions – here i am
    three days grace < - название вбивайте в ютуб или контакт много великолепных песен
    foreigner – long, long way from home
    too hot to stop - steve plunkett
    sied van riel – rush
    roxette – sleeping in my car
    pink floid – the wall
    foo fighters – best of you
    audioslave – man or animal
    led zeppelin – immigrant song
    van halen – hot for the teacher
    esc - группа которую стоит послушать (определённых песен не подобрал )

    by mel

    тут немногая часть! так же музыку вы можете ещё поискать у меня.... (для пользователей контакта)

    ps: надеюсь вы подберёте что нибудь для себя!
    pss: музыка подбиралась как к целым роликам так и вступлениям...
    psss: каждому не понравится ибо у каждого свои вкусы)
  2. Drakosha

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    несомненно важная и интересная тема для новуса и каждой собаки новуса.

    ну давайте, давайте же выкладывать свои плейлисты к винампу!

    https://forum.4game.ru/showthread.php?t=409490 а эту сжечь!


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    ну можно так счесть топик допустим подборка к роликам ^^
  4. Инточка

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    не знаю насчет подборки к роликам,зато у меня постепенно нарисовалась питоубивательная песенка (включаю в данжах на пб)
    the gazette – tokyo shinjuu
    остальное тоже в вк =р