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Few questions...

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем iSlaP, 22 янв 2015.

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  1. iSlaP

    iSlaP User

    so ii played l2 way back in c1 and just woke up today and found an urge to play lineage 2. so i checked out the retail site and saw this link to youtube


    well that put me off straight away. so i have a few questions.

    1. is this a private server? i dont fancy playing to have my char deleted if the gm's decide they have earned enough money. i'm seeing ncsoft at the bottom on the website, so im a bit confused.

    2. whats the bot situation like.

    3. whats the player count like?

    4. a few voices on what u think and make of the server would be nice.
  2. piotress

    piotress User

    no idea where that video was taken but it was not here; my guess would be ncwest.

    1) this is not a private server, innova eu is a licensed hoster of lineage 2 created by ncsoft.

    2) innova eu uses frost, a good anti hack and anti-bot package but nothing is foolproof. you will find some bots but innova eu is pretty good at keeping them under control if reported. you want a really bad botting and cheating server, try ncwest (north american hoster of official l2) and you will see two completely different worlds.

    3) nobody knows except innova what the actual player count is but it is pretty healthy. just consider that this is an official european server so take that into account depending on what timezone you are playing from.

    4) i have been playing here for about a year, not so much now due to real life stuff. i have enjoyed it here and the players are decent but like any server there are always jerks.

    be prepared for a few haters to try and chase you away but do no listen to them. best way to judge for yourself is to download the game and try it for a few days yourself. staff is a little detached from the players and the events generally stink but the server and game world itself are nice.
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  3. Deleu

    Deleu User

    when i first started here i had the same doubt. i already tried to suggest a better website with a more official server look, but it doesn't seem to be something high priority.

    in my opinion, it's the best that it can be. ncwest is infested of bots and uses a disabled gameguard due to usa laws. since this server is hosted in europe, those laws don't apply and frost guard does a pretty good job. of course you will find some here or there, but if you report, they get banned. i recently noticed that those chars that create room and spam pm you selling adena no longer exists here.

    if compared to ncwest, pretty low. but if you try to take into account only active players from ncwest, i'd say here is doing great. after the recent merge, the server regained a pretty good life.

    i couldn't have decided to create a char on a better server. i'm on the west side of the planet, so play on russia/korean/china/japan servers are impossible. this server has a great latency for latin america players and a pretty decent staff as far as you can go.
  4. iboyanov

    iboyanov User

    it is the best official server in english language, they are trying to control bots and rmts with relative success, but it is far from perfect, as you can imagine. population is low, but if you have patience, you will make your daily quests with little to no issues.
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