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Ertheia Improvement

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем AlexandarSim, 6 фев 2015.

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  1. AlexandarSim

    AlexandarSim User

    hello my name it's alexander simeonov from bulgaria.i would like to make a suggestion about the new ertheia class.if i could i was going to contact with ncsoft, because i know they are the programmers wich make the changes.but i also hope that you could help to.i have not played linage2 from 2 years probably and now i came to play again, because i have real life friends wich i met in the game.they suggested me to play ertheia wich is a pretty beautiful creature and i like it a lot.but when i understood that i can't have a sub class and i need to use blunt weapons only, that ruined my desire to play.my suggestion it's to make atleast the ertheia race playable as a healer, wich means to be able to wear sigils.if you can't have sub classes wich is really a lack of ambition from the creators of this race.i'm begging to do something about the sigils.you can't have p.def, m.atack, m.def from the sub class skills, so atleast add a sigil so the ertheia could actually be a healer.what is a healer without the healing bonus from sigil.also it seems u can't make the ertheia for pvp with a shield, but u can make all other healer races with shields.so if you or they are focused on making this class good for pve,bosses and stuff.atleast make it able to wear sigil and improve her as a healer.many players told me that on higher levels they are not taking much the ertheia class because it's not actually strong 1.if you add that sigil it, it will be atleast good for pve healer.there are a lot more other ways to improve it and change it, but i will leave this to the creators.when i finish with my programming education after 2 years at the software universety here, i'm going to start work at ncsoft wich is a partner to our education center.i will come personally and change that, if they haven't decide to improve the race atleast as playable healer.hope you take seriously my letter and do something about it.
    best regards: alexander simeonov
    Wini111 нравится это.
  2. Yunalesca

    Yunalesca User

    that wall of text, well i read half of it and i dunno who told you that you cant make "subclass" on ertheia, my friend has ertheia healer as dual class. you probably understood the concept of "subclass" wrong as subclass is the one that starts at lvl 40 and finishes at 80 or 85. when you make "subclass" on ertheia it starts at lvl 85 awakened so it's a dual class.
  3. Banana Monsta

    Banana Monsta User

    i'm bleeding.
  4. Thunderlane

    Thunderlane User

    hi there,

    which university exactly you're in again? do you know how development process works? but no seriously - what university you're in, i really, really want to know this so i can avoid hiring anyone graduated there, because honestly, anyone who comes with a suggestion and starts with "i've been told that", "i've heard that", shows the amazing lack of effort he have put into his idea. i mean, come on, it's not so terribly hard to set your facts straight in advance, analyze them and then, only then go ahead and then go ahead with the "i believe we should do this, because according to my data/experiments/tests it will improve the product in the following areas".

    first ertheia is more than capable being a healer on dual class so your argument is null and void right there. lets assume you're talking about main class, then the question is: why do we need more diversity in the healer classes, how would we separate the new class from the old ones. if it's only about dual class lets assume it's not possible to have a healer dual class then the question is: why should we do it, we used to have a successful race that had a lot of restrictions with choosing subclasses, and even main class, we actually believe this gave us a chance to separate this race entirely from the old tree, making it unique and desired as a main character by a vast majority of players.

    so apart from your own desire to do something - what is your reasoning behind all of this, can you enlighten us what brought you to the conclusion that something is wrong and what motivated you to try fix it.

    but first, please, oh please, get your facts straight.

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