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Tyrr Grand Khavatari

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем qqOGC, 9 фев 2015.

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  1. qqOGC

    qqOGC User

    so that happen that i hit 99 lvl, and since it's first time i have 99lvl char, i'm looking for some advice about setups. asked few people in-game, but would like to hear more opinions.

    to make it simpler copy this, and edit [answer].

    1. ability points. at this moment i have 5 points, so i use them on maxhp. both knight and warrior trees looks good for me. what should i go for ? and it's cons/pros.


    2. heavy or light set? now i have heave set, defence type. i have dual wynn, so would be great to have 1 set for both. if you prefer heavy set, should i change to attack type ?


    3. dual class skills. now have 3 points, dual soon will be 99. most people i saw takes skill for 3 points (p.atk/skill p.atk) + 1 skill for max hp.


    4. brooch jewellery : atm i have all 1lvl, ruby, pearl, opal, obsidian. since it's gonna cost me billions to make them 3lvl+, don't want to waste those moneys for stats i might won't need.


    5. dyes, bought 3x lv.1 legendary dyes +3 str/-1dex(just because it's cheap), to get some more p.atk, anyway one day i'm going to change them to 5lvl legendary dyes, just don't know which one, str or con.


    and maybe some questions later.
  2. Robby

    Robby User

    i suggest you taking look at oly farming gk's from top ranking list and ask their opinion. asking here in forum you will receive troll answers or smart *** other class playing players opinions.
  3. Yunalesca

    Yunalesca User

    i will proove robby wrong and not give a troll answer.

    i dont have experience with the kavatary, but i can give some clues as i play dreadnaught and played the god tyrr for awhile.

    1. this depends on what you wish with the class. normally a tyrr would go for full hp for obvious reasons. tyrrs are sponges. stun is a must for when you do not have any dmg and need a diferent gimmick to be relevant on pvp. also remember kavatary is the tyrr with biggest amount of hp(with duelist on second place) through wolf cry all those % stack up insanely high. ofc that amount of hp requires duals with hp.

    2. you already have good atk speed, the only advantage from light is crit avoid which i dont believe anybody is even sure it works vs daggers, doesnt work vs nukers nor sayas, and these 3 classes are the most played classes atm. light doesnt give m def either. atk type or def type..up to you, depends if u wanna go 7vs7 solo or oly, u need more dmg (r95 hvy set) or wanna stack more hp? at 100k hp every 1 con is giving around ~950 hp.

    3. complete up to you, you can go hp monster with 4x hp, physical debuff res/power + hp, skill power trigger sounds completetly oly based to me( need rly good items to make it worth since tyrrs dmg is low on open field).

    4. u must focus on 1 particular stat and improve it, if u go for ruby, go for opal. if u go for obsidian go for diamnd/pearl. sure you could go for mixed at 2nd jewel but you'd see less impact from each of the initial jewels. also tyrr does not benefit from jewels as much as nuker/daggers, except for the obsidian.

    5. id's say con, simply cause at end game it gives a solid and tangible change(and improves ur self-heals). str is gamble stat, it gives a slight change to crit occurences from skills, so it helps you sometimes..sometimes it doesnt, most of ur important dmg skills as kavatari are also momentum based (which are barely afected by p atk). so again, to make good use of str u need good dmg(items) to begin with to see some impact from it. but it also helps a lot on pve.
    Robby и qqOGC нравится это.
  4. Ximi86

    Ximi86 User

    yunalesca is a troll,he/she said me to erase my tyr titan and made a tyr doombringer with no explanations,and now i see that uses a tyr dreadnought. i dont know if i prevfer us or na servers,at least in na servers dont have trolls of that lvl.
  5. golemka

    golemka User

    i would say yunalesca than the rest, what about others?
  6. Delicioso

    Delicioso User

    i'm a dreadnought too, and as a tyrr, and for mass pvp, i'll agree with yunalesca for stats : go full con.
    if you go pve, you can go full str as it adds a good amount of dmg (especially on crits.)
    for pvp jewels, you need ruby / pearl / diamond / obsidian.
    for pve jewels, replace obsidian with opal

    for both you need good stun jewels

    for armor, i'd choose light for bonuses @+8. with good diamond + ogre + rose you have enoughf pdef already for pvp.
    switch ogre for bear for pve ofc.
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