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Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем FaeLenKz, 12 мар 2015.

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  1. FaeLenKz

    FaeLenKz User

    guys, let me ask..

    the drop event is according to the level of the character or it makes no difference ? how does that work ?

    i got it:

    "you can help l2b2 with the complicated though important task to hunt monstes and to collect special books named monster research results. l2b2 would do it himself, but his time on elmoreden is close to the end and the research is far from being completed!
    please notice that you cannot loot the required items in the following cases:
    you are looting monsters which are 9 and more levels lower than your character (dark-blue ones);
    for monsters of level 85 and above in hunting zones after awakening: a gap between the character and a monster must not exceed 5 levels;
    awakened characters will not receive books as a loot in hunting zones below level 85.
    from 6 pm till 2 am server time (gmt +0) the chance to drop a book from common monsters (not aggressive stalkers!) is 3 times higher.
    the research of l2b2 requires a vast quantity of evidence: you need to collect minumum 100, or, even better, 10 000 monster research results.
    collected items will help l2b2 to develop the desired weapon. in return, the outcomer will give you a generous reward (look up "rewards" section)."

    but, drop rate from mobs 70 is the same from 85 if u use chars w/o level penalty?
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  2. AirX.

    AirX. User

    i got 5 in an hour between nursery and swamp with main and 10 from 29-44 in less than an hour, so i guess rate is the same across all levels and it's only up to how many you can farm.
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