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BlackAngels clan looking for 2 CPs

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем yLogy, 3 апр 2015.

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  1. yLogy

    yLogy User

    blackangels clan looking for 2 constant parties.

    what we expect:
    - to be healthy and active cp
    - to have characters for all neccesary clan instances ( lilith, anakim, baium, aq, orfen, )
    - participate in gainak battles, daily pvps for 4 rbs, krogel, turakan, mass pvp in prime time
    - participate in olympiad
    - to be experienced pvp / pve players. be able to listen and understand orders in english. be responsible and do all what is necessary and know and understand why its necessary.
    - to be able move as party, move properly in pvp and pve as well.
    - teamspeak 3 ( we have our own server )

    what we offer:
    - playing vs zerglings
    - daily pvp ( we making random parties to fight daily our enemies in all spots, including gainak and most common raid bosses like krogel, turakan , 4 brothers.
    - society of experienced players, who know what to do in pvp/pve

    what we dont expect:
    - no weaklings and sick parties, who are logging only for clan events, getting 7 points to some fictiv dkp table and asking for drops
    - people who doesnt like pvp are not welcome
    - people who doesnt like to fight outnumbered in almost every pvp are not welcome
    - people who wanna join only to get items and speakign and asking only for items and not about how to improve and why are not welcome

    - in game : logy ( only mails please, lot of times im staying online, but im afk or sleeping )
    - forum : ylogy ( personal message )
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