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LF price of plvl.

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем l2psc, 10 апр 2015.

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  1. l2psc

    l2psc User

    hey, i'm new on the server and would like to ask about price of plvl 80-85.
    payment in adena.
    i could use pa + vit.
  2. AirX.

    AirX. User

    if also were farsighted before lv40 and bought the starter pack with 200% xp rune, and also willing to invest another 1€ to get 2h-50%xp buff, powerlv 79-85 will take less than 2h even without vitality, which you can find around 20kk each. without rune i think it would take more than 3h, but you could mitigate it with 100% runes in l2 store; if you also take away the 50% xp buff and go with just pa and vitality (how do you plan keeping it up more than 30 minutes btw?) i think you will need up to 4h.

    the most important advice i can give you is to be very cautious about who will offer that service, since there is no warranty. you should really find someone willing to accept small payment for every rebuff (10kk/30mins), otherwise there is a good chance it is a scam; after all, if one is willing to stay 4hs to exp you it makes no difference to get the money over time, instead of all now.

    i can suggest to pm "cantstopme, very serious and also available to this service, did it with my this very monday.

    keep this advice in mind, for example when i asked some vip3r pmmed me but wanted full payment on the spot before the powerleveling, which i didn't trust, and sure enough when i hit 85 there was a room in party matching with "vip3r powerlv scammer".
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