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Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем Fhurrhurr, 15 апр 2015.

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  1. Fhurrhurr

    Fhurrhurr User

    ohai you gremlins. i figured since im not making a "wts" -post, i'd post it here.

    question: what's the value of this?

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  2. QUinter

    QUinter User

    hmm 1.4-2b between that smth i think ,but not sure 100%
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  3. AirX.

    AirX. User

    i'm not an expert of market and prices, but i know the cost of making some things in game and i'm an economy passionate, so i will try my guess.

    first of all, consider its clean price. it's a top r grade weapon, so it has a decent starting price, but afaik there isn't a very lot of tyrrs, and part of them can use other weapons (duals, fists, spear), which meas average to low demand. let's put it around 120kk.

    then comes atribute, which on weapons isn't 100% chance; while we can consider 0 cost of making it 150 (from mentee coins, 3200 means you can farm yourself with a lv60 char) the price of crys is quite fixed, say 3kk each if you have enough patience. you will need 30 succesfull attemptes, with a success rate of around 80% we can consider 38 crystals for a total of 114.

    now come sas: while the first is quite cheap (around 30kk, 10cry+20gemr), the second increases greatly, ranging from at least 100 to even around 200 for the gemr only, plus 40 for gemr. to round down the numbers, we can assume a total of 200kk for both, lets make 206 just to match with the 114 above.

    last one with a fixed cost is the blessed part, while there is a small chance to get it with a low cost scroll, i think it's much more reasonable to consider the 100% one, which you can find around 70-80kk, plus the 35 fee to the blacksmith, total 110 (just to get the round numbers, as always).

    so now here we are, with a +3 blessed apo slasher lv7 2 sa costed around 550kk (i assume you would eventually drop ewrs during kartias and whatnot), now comes the hardest part to evaluate.

    i will assume you found yourself with a clean weapon you didn't need and wanted to bet with oeing game, then got it +7 and decided to keep it and improved it; if you had already done all the previous and just wanted a higher enchant, that would require bewrs and possibly lucky stones, which would potentially multiply the cost and noone would pay it back to you anyway.

    from a little research i have done, it appears that +4->+6 enchant rate is around 50%, from +6->+8 around 33% and above data is probably around 25%. this means that chance to get to +7 is around 6.5%, or one in 15 (let's round the numbers), but there isn't a good way to evaluate a percentage chance, so i'd look at the problem form another perspective, which is what the item actually gives you in terms of performance.

    your weapon has 764 patk, which is very close to a +5 specter slasher and a little less than a clean amaranthine slasher. what plays in your favor is that those weapons require a huge investment to get the double sa, which are also comparatively weaker (same critical rate bonus, slightly bigger patk bonus which has close to 0 impact on the total, like 50 on more than 10k), so at the end of the day is much better an oe r-grade weapon than a regular higher grade one, in this case.

    considering the price of a clean specter slasher, i guess around 350kk at least, the cost for only the double sa is incredibly high, 1.378 billions if you are lucky enough to but at 1kk each, over 1.5billion at standard price of 1.1kk each. throw in the 300 atribute and at least the +4 enchant for the bonus patk (relatively easy to achieve), we are now looking at a 2 bils worth of weapon, which looks very much like yours.

    we have now arrived to the fun part of the process, the marketing. while the rough worth of the item is quite high (as i estimated above), the main problem is that there isn't a big demand of it, since it isn't that rare (maybe that particular combination is, but it can be replaced efficiently) and there also isn't a high population of potential costumers, since it only applies to titans and doombringers i think.

    with all this in mind, my best bet and advice would be to trade it for something you need, i think +6 r95 sets are worth around that price, or maybe some epic jewel (baium, some istina/octavis, soul tezza). you won't probably find easily someone interested in buying with adena without having to severly underprice it, since it's much easier to get a specter slasher, put focus on it and forget about 400patk. the main problem is that most of its value comes from second sa and oe patk value, which can be both quite easily replaced.
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