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Dear Santa!

Тема в разделе "Letters to Santa Claus", создана пользователем XNile, 23 дек 2011.

  1. XNile

    XNile User

    even though, when i was born i knew it will be something special, i tried my best to forfull my missions at talking island, but there were that evil and heartless lordandrea and keep killing the newborned, somehow he managed to be more skillful then we all. nevertheless he was tragiclly killed by his own ambitions, he's reign of killing came to an end, he tragiclly died in an accident when his bow was defect and somehow he shooted himself.

    but it's about me im writing this letter, after becoming stronger every second, i served well my clanlord.
    i behaved like a lady, even though my female race looks like from the stripclub...
    i killed the evil forces, i bringed only justice to this destroyed world, i even donated for the rebuilding of the continent aden, i hope i did not fail you, and you will appreciate me as i am, i am a warrior so blood on my hands is an obvious matter.

    with love, nilyn spellhowler lvl 73
  2. Fahrenheit

    Fahrenheit User