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We have started collecting registrations!

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Onyx, Apr 21, 2015.

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  1. Onyx

    Onyx Innova Group

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    Hello everyone!

    Just a few words before everyone rushes to click on the link :)

    We are excited to bring you this opportunity to express your opinion about the future of official Lineage 2 Classic server in Europe.
    We would like to collect 15 000 registrations - that means, 15 000 people willing to play. We believe that this number is enough to keep at least one Classic server populated in a long-term period. It doesn't mean that we expect 15 000 simultaneous playing L2 fans.
    We are going to collect registrations for a month and after that we will take a look at the results, make a decision and send everyone who voted a letter stating our verdict.

    Let's see how many players still feel nostalgic about good old hardcore Lineage 2. Show us how badly you want it!

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.