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[Core] RedGuard PvE thugs for life

Discussion in 'Fan Art, Fan Fic, Videos, Screenshots' started by sh1ny, Apr 28, 2015.

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  1. sh1ny

    sh1ny Moderator

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    3-way pvp at soa
    pov :
    tyrr dn 99
    content :

    for others, the game is to spread propaganda, trash on hero voice and post only the videos where they win ( not talking about troy here ). the faeron village and wasteland pvp's are coming later today or tomorrow.​
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  2. iSTOMPquakez

    iSTOMPquakez User

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    for us the clan leader must show to the rest of ppl how to play, no fear, to be brave and respect himself and his clan.
    to fight like a tiger until his last breath,to kill his enemy everywhere, no matter if go for hero or not,this is not a monopoly,
    this is a war game!

    i agree. its all u
    ps: everything about this fraps sucks
  3. ANXIE7Y

    ANXIE7Y Banned

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    good thing about this fraps is the fact that u actually show most of fight, unlike some kids who show 3 mins of more than an hour long pvp.
    aside from that you're a terrible player. u play one of the best classes in the game for mass pvp, at 20% of it's true potential. with all the gear u have u should do way better...

    real talk, not really an attempt to flame or anything. just keepin' it real.
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  4. Cursed

    Cursed User

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    duno where to write so ill do it here...to many frapses...
    day1 of mass pvp - parnasus/ivory/woa very good pvp for rg ...we as ba had hard time. gf to rg
    day 2 of mass pvp - soa/faeron/wastelands good pvp for both clans. id say win ratio 50/50 for both clans. soa was a tie...faeron was rg and wastelands ba kings and queens of the hill (i used queens also bcz i know my girls will kill me if i wont say)
    day 3 of mass pvp - mos/sos - clear ba win both locations. gf to both sides

    ps: i hope we will never stop do this no matter what result will be in the end.
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