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Evil Nation - Team SWAG - Daily PvP Vol.2 / Knife Party Edition

Тема в разделе "Fan Art, Fan Fic, Videos, Screenshots", создана пользователем ANXIE7Y, 17 май 2015.

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  1. ANXIE7Y

    ANXIE7Y Banned


    bonus feoh pov

    healer pov
    #outnumbered #outgunned #neveroutsmarted #pronf1 #easy7v7s

    couple 7v7s against rg, another against ba, mass pvp against severance at soa.
    good fight to everyone, keep the pvp fresh.

    join en, play smarter.

    just noticed, dunno why the **** youtube always makes my fraps so dark... oh well.. deal with it.

    added our feoh daily pvp pov.
    on the feoh pov around minute 7.20, check how bad ba is, that can't even kill a quest group who have buffs fading. adrian and dayal not there, and second iss is a box.
    tier 1 clan for sure lol, what a joke.
    Последнее редактирование модератором: 21 май 2015
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