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PP vs WC vs OL vs EE vs SE

Discussion in 'Class Discussion' started by uTwQ4Uo20hbYobQ4, May 19, 2015.

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  1. uTwQ4Uo20hbYobQ4

    uTwQ4Uo20hbYobQ4 User

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    hello boys. i am having trouble deciding which support is the ultimate meme.

    i intend to play with two of my friends and am now thinking of the perfect combination for small scale guerrilla warfare squad. one of us will be playing a damage dealer (th/aw most likely or a hawkeye). another one will be a tank or a spoiler (sk/bd because someone has to manage aggro and soak damage in pve or bh because of economical reasons and stun with buff cancel is a good meme in pvp).

    and now the most important part - the support.

    + best buffs in the game and gets them early (will pp get pof in classic eventually?)
    + battle heal for pve and healing mobs just to mess with people, root for pvp, return for fast free soe when that mob train you wanted to drop on someone to make him drop his items just wont stop following you
    + can equip heavy armor, light armor and robe for maximum pvp versatility
    - many people will have boxed buffer and it might be difficulty finding parties due to pp being incapable of dealing damage

    + mediocre melee buffs, resist shock and cleanliness essential for endgame pvp
    + return/pr essential for pvp
    + good heals
    + good mana recharge
    + good sleep (does ee get trance at all?)
    - mostly pvp oriented skill set, might be hard to get a party for pve at early-mid levels
    - can't wear heavy armor

    + better melee buffs than ee overall, empower is essential for mage parties
    + good heals
    + good mana recharge
    + good root
    - no return/pr
    - can't war heavy armor
    - nothing special in any kind of pvp

    + good melee buffer but gets buffs later than pp(will wc have gate chant and cov in classic?)
    + versatile armor mastery
    + stuns just to mess with people to make them die to mobs and drop items
    + can do damage in pve with sleep and poison. soulcry for pvp.
    + fast sleep casting speed
    - no berserker spirit, no acumen (i forgot wc has flame chant), no wind walk, only heal-over-time heal makes for a very big pvp disadvantage.
    - no return/pr

    + good buffs for melee and mage but gets them very late and are mostly pvp oriented(will ol get cop?)
    + versatile armor mastery very good for pvp
    + sleep with fast c.speed + posion/seal of poison and many cool debuffs for mass pvp and pve
    + madness and stuns just to kill people with mobs and make them drop items
    - can only buff clan members (or will they change it to party members in classic as well?)
    - insane mana problems
    - no return/pr, no g.might, no g.shield, no resist buffs.
    - the psychological trauma of being outclassed in buffing by pp, not having mana in pve, not being able to land mass debuffs in mass pvp without a +4 gun, not dealing as much damage with drain as other mages, not dealing as much damage as other melees, not being able to control aggro when trying to tank with soulguard.

    in your opinion which support is the most fun to play and would be the best addition to a small mostly melee party in an open world pvp scenario killing random people?
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  2. Autechre

    Autechre User

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    they dont get flame chant in classic?

    as for which is most fun to play i'd say wc since it got nice dots + fastest sleep in game + stun

    for 3 people fighter party most nice when it comes to buffs is perhaps prophet, the only thing it lacks compared to wc is vr, but its been nerfed pretty bad anyway for a long time and i heard its not really that useful anymore as it used to be (havent played anything post c5 so dont take my word on it..)..it must be boring to lvl up though and buffing more than 3-4 people is a pain compared to wc
  3. Sevi123

    Sevi123 User

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    in age of war wc will get ww at 44 1st lvl at 52 2nd lvl. also se will get stigma.
  4. Swayarn

    Swayarn User

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    hey mate, getting sick of all those "what class shall i chose?" topics now!
    play the class that seems most intresting to you, chose by race, gender, playstyle!
    everyone will be wanting some of those!
  5. zehzys

    zehzys User

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    I would go for OL without thinking twice, but the problem of "what class shall i chose?" threads, depends only in your playstyle. As Swayarn sayd.

    I believe OL has a diferente play-style.
    The trade of some things other buffers have make them unique using seals to drive people and mobs crazy. Seal of winter, chaos, binding and others debuffs are meant to be used, dont hold F1 with Steal Essence pretending you are a dd mage.
    They trade the dps power to put players and mobs down, taking away their HP Regen, accuracy, attack speed... Hit with blunt, go melee, poison helps you do damage, stun, fear... I really enjoy it. =)

    It is altough hard to play it alone and find a group that realizes the power they have, even in clans.

    Hope you can decide witch to go.
  6. Quaak

    Quaak User

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    Are OL buffs also working for party in Classic or not ?
  7. kuragari

    kuragari User

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  8. geba89

    geba89 User

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    IMO for 3 best is PP if you consider also some small scale PVP.

    You get great buffs for pve and pvp, you lack only VR but its not so good anymore. I don't know why PP cannot deal dmg in melee pt? As I remember I saw ppl playing PP active they were wearing robe + weapon with mana up/conversion and when they were low on mana, they switched to duals/blunt and were helping. When you regen mana to some point you can wear back your mana up weapon and be prepared for next rebuff :)

    Imo you wont have trouble finding party as PP, none of buffers will have trouble. There will be PLENTY of ppl who will not box anything - like me

    So I will most of time look for ppl to exp with.
  9. TerraKill

    TerraKill User

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    I love how you have listed all the pros and cons, but cant answer your own question! classic! :rolleyes:

    Go with your heart.
  10. Stride

    Stride User

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    PP is the best in vacuum, ee is the worst. OL/WC are like why having them as buffers only and SE is like useless if not boxed.
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