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For those peope who had the UPDATED problem-----SOLVED

Тема в разделе "Instructions", создана пользователем Incubus, 3 дек 2011.

  1. Incubus

    Incubus User

    hi everyone,

    i had a problem, was tha when i try to log from the web site, the site said that i need to updated the game and it began to download the whole game (5,86 gb). i have just resolved it. i have re-installed the 4game launcher, but be carrefull and reed the steps one by one because it will ask you about the folder you want to install 4game launcher and the folder you want to install lineage 2 eu. if you had lineageii eu already installed you have to choose the folder lineage ii eu (14,5gb) in your hdd.

    then it will start to download but suddenly it will say lineage ii eu is already installed and you will be able to play.

    pd: sorry for the english.