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[Request] Unicode Chat-support

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем DaDummy, 16 фев 2012.

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  1. DaDummy

    DaDummy User

    as the thread was accidentially moved to archive while cleaning the feedback-board before some staff member could answer i'll repost:

    as it is well known among those of us who played on private servers (so called "freeshards") the lineage ii core engine is well capable of handling unicode characters of all european languages in both html-windows and standard ingame chat. latter just has one limitation: nc has reduced the input characters which the game recognizes from our keyboards.

    for private servers there was a perfectly working client mod published by fyyre for all l2 versions from ct1 till highfive that made the client use a localized keyboard layout and allowing all input characters available on it.
    this mod is open source and the changes it does to enable unicode keyboard characters are trivial and minimal.

    it's a shame that nc didn't consider enabling european keyboard characters for the european by itself. so i would like to ask you if you could forward this request to the devs.

    i myself am playing in a german clan and it just ****s not to be able to use our full character set. this must be even worse for our russian-speaking friends as they are forced to use only latin letters..

    please ask nc to enable use of all unicode characters on chat input!
    i want to be able to use my native language and need "à¤à¶à¼àÿ" for that.

    the game servers are already perfectly capable of handling unicode characters in chat - all it needs is enabling them in the client.

    i will not post a link to that open source client mod as innova already knows the fyyre mods and i don't want to be punished for posting links to a site offering gameguard/frost hacks..

    sincerely, dadummy =)
  2. Vonak

    Vonak User

    +1, i don't even count how many private servers have already done that.

    of course for chat, not for player name
    Последнее редактирование модератором: 17 фев 2012
  3. maxver

    maxver User

    ęśćżźóńłą, it's fine like that, no need.
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