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New On EU

Discussion in 'New to Our Server' started by SwampDragon, May 31, 2015.

  1. SwampDragon

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    Hello all, I'm new to the EU server i come from a mix of p servers and NcWest. I've come to compete and enjoy the game. With the pop of us servers dead and dieing. I decided to come here and so far i love my time here. I'm Looking for a Pve clan due to my low level and terrible gears. I am currently a 85 iss doomcryer however due to all the xp boost and what not im sure that will be short lived. I have knowledge of team speak,vent and raid call. I normally play a archer or feo but ive grown tired of it. Always needing buffs or not having a spot in any party cause for every 1 healer/ iss always 12 dds. So i figured i would change it up some do something different. I can be online during peak times and 90% of castle sieges etc.. Thank you to the people who have helped me so far i guess write me here or Beaux in game looking forward to hearing from who ever
  2. DeepBlue

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    Dear SwampDragon,

    First of all, welcome to Core.

    Secondly, for searching for a Clan/CP please use the Recruitment Section You will find you get a better response from there and you can also see details of all Clans and CP's currently recruiting.