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INT CP lf active PVP Healer

Discussion in 'Archive' started by obli_, Jun 15, 2015.

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  1. obli_

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    As the tittle says we are looking for active healer ready for IO, we are in EN clan. Our config is 2 healers, iss, tank, feoh, yull, dreadnought.

    What we want?

    1. Serious and active person english speaking, who dont flame enemys when we win or we loose.
    2. Lvl 100 main, 99 dual.
    3. +7/8 common set and pvp build, or pvp set and olys build.
    4. Lvl 4 brooch, abundance talisman, and control jewllery set.
    5. POV should be interesting, but not a requirement.

    What we offer?

    Exactly the same than we claim, and a lot of action and fun :p

    If u are close to the requirements pm me here, or in game to "obli.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.