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Archer 100/Titan 100 LF CP

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем -V77-, 1 июл 2015.

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  1. -V77-

    -V77- User

    Hello Everyone !

    I looking for CP that is active on PVP and some at pve. (I mostly go for PVP)
    Im very Active player.
    I can play at 20(sometimes 19)-24 GMT+1
    Im Semi-Geared Player.
    I expect from CP weekend (expect Sunday when siege) is free for olympiad (im very olympiad player :p)
    Boxes for all epic, no problem i can do it short time.

    My character:
    Main Yul 100
    Dual: Titan 100
    16 AP at main and dual.
    not bad gear.
    (more info only when serious offer to cp)

    I have only one problem
    On TS. No idea why but on most TS server my ip or maccard not sure shows as banned. I dont know what is going on with that.
    On some but not on all TS's
    To enter TS admin or someone with privlages need to clear for me Banned list.(If i cant enter) i know its stupid
    But i have no idea what is going on with that. (Maybe if someone know let me know)
    Mostly when i want to join big TS

    What i can give to CP.
    Avtive player. Good Gameplay, Good olympiad player. Pretty good knowledge about L2, and incoming updates.

    What i expect from Cp:
    Avtive CP. at PvP, active at Pve (not when no lvl limit i look at PvE more then before, exp now is important)
    Posibility to imporve myself and cpmembers by working together and improvin ourselfs as gear and as skill to play.

    Contact to me
    Via Game "V77 or sometimes "Will0w (my box iss ald alos wh so i sit sometimes at that char)
    Not prefear Forum. Im here 3/4 times per month :p
    Time that can caught me:
    19-24:30 Gmt +1
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