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Raid Boss 96-97-98 Resspawn

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем Ayucifer, 11 июл 2015.

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  1. Ayucifer

    Ayucifer User

    Hello everyone wanted to talk about these RBs coming out at that time and day every day .. I think these RBs are misplaced with the kind of accurate respawn as knowing only the time he died, you know that the next day when will respawn the same RB .... I saw the only killing them is a clan only to have them all the time and just log kill him almost the same thing the next day and kill again and do not understand why They put this type of schedule to spawn RBs having more than 4000 pjs on the server (that would assume that there are on) and these RBs that are so important just to kill them by the clan seems something is not right. ... I remember before the BRs were ertheia if I remember were respawn 24h or 12h + 6h random was something that I think and I believe respawn was perfect ... as no one could know when he would RB respawn ... had to put a PC to see if he left and with luck and patience could kill him.
    It's just an opinion and really wanted to make this post because I do not think it's the only one who thinks this because there are more people playing a lot more before I do and think the same about the respawn they gave to these RBs

    I dont know if I put this post in the right place but honestly I'm new
    in this forum and just wanted to say that I think this is wrong
    Sorry for my English is the best I could do.. hopefully can understand
  2. Yunalesca

    Yunalesca User

    There is no server with active 4000 characters, so no the bosses were not meant for "4000" online active characters to play with. Max youll have maybe 600 players online, rest are inactive boxes.
  3. DeepBlue

    DeepBlue Head Moderator (EU) Head moderator


    This is not something that Innova can change as we are only the Hosts of the game on behalf of the Game Developers, NCSoft Korea. Therefore your feedback would be better posed as a question/suggestion in the Questions to the Developers thread.

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