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A strange accident (Possible bot?)

Тема в разделе "Fan Art, Fan Fic, Videos, Screenshots", создана пользователем UniqueName, 20 июл 2015.

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  1. UniqueName

    UniqueName User

    Hello everyone, I'm posting this here as I assume this is the most viewed section of the forums as well as because it says "screenshots".

    I was leveling a box char in Ketra and something strange happened: I saw a group of monsters hitting thin air and dropping one after another really quickly, took like a second total, wasn't able to even take a screenshot, then I wrote "?" and "wtf", without expecting anything, but I actually got a response of a "?" from a character named "Bot02".

    I could not see it, so I did /target Bot02 and got him on my target and could see him as a "dot" on my mini-map, but still couldn't see him, after doing an attack to get to what I had in my target, it logged off before my character could run to the spot where it was standing. I understood that because it disappeared from my target.

    Sadly I could not get a screenshot with him in my target in time, but still: [​IMG]

    So, is this some next level bot? Or a bot checker of some kind from Admins/GM's that decided to play a trick on me or something like that?
  2. DeepBlue

    DeepBlue Head Moderator (EU) Head moderator

    This is not the correct way to report a bot, you need to do this via a ticket to Support and the Team will deal with it from there.

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