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Enchant Scrolls for Augmentation Level!

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by geosyn, Aug 3, 2015.

  1. geosyn

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    Ok, this is just an idea, but with all these very useful augmentations introduced, many people would be interested in leveling up there passive/active skills.

    New playground for players and maybe another enchant scroll to exploit the game!
    And since this is my idea, allow me to name it as well:
    Scroll of Enchant: Armor Augment (R-Grade)
    Scroll of Enchant: Weapon Augment (R-Grade)

    Then we can have stones too to increase the chances and so on!
  2. Seivlas

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    As T0mas said in a kind of rude way, Innova cannot alter in any way the game files. NcSoft gives them the files, their job is only to manage the server (and report the bugs). Those suggestions can be send to the korean devs, but :
    1) The suggestion has to be really interesting (I'm not saying yours has no value, just that getting your favorite augmentation is already easy enough (not speaking about 10% pvp dmg reduc/augm)) and improve the game experience
    2) Even if the suggestion is selected (which is very unlikely), you'll wait months if not years to see it going live.
    3) This topic is more about feedback about what does exist in game than what do you want to bring in it.