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[15.09.15] Updates of system requirements and amendments to User Agreements

Тема в разделе "Announcements", создана пользователем Gatses, 12 сен 2015.

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  1. Gatses

    Gatses Technical specialist Innova Group

    Dear players,

    Next Tuesday, 15.09.2015, our security system will receive an update that requires
    Security Update for Windows (KB3033929) installed to run the game.

    Due to that fact we recommend updating your operating system for all Windows 7 x64 users in order to be able to launch the game after the maintenance on September, 15th.

    Windows Vista x64 users will not be able to launch the game after 15.09.2015 due to the fact that corresponding security update was not issued by Microsoft for that OS.

    As from September 15, 2015
    Article 2.1 of 4game Terms of Use shall be read as follows:
    • he or she concludes the Agreement on a voluntary basis, consciously, without any compulsion by Innova and/or third parties;
    • he or she is competent and legally capable and has the right to conclude this Agreement. In case when a person intending to conclude this Agreement is not of legal age, or his or her legal capacity is limited according to the laws of the country of his/her residency, this Agreement may be concluded on condition that his or her lawful representative or guardian consents thereto. Such person shall obtain and provide Innova with the consent of his/her legal representatives (parents, foster parents or guardians) for the use of 4game Service. Innova may request the consent from such legal representatives at any time. In case of failure to provide it, the User shall be deprived of his or her right to use 4game Service and/or game projects located thereon. In addition, the use of 4game Service and/or game projects located thereon may be suspended/terminated by Innova at the request of Your parents or other legal representatives.
    • he/she has the technical ability to use 4game Service, including (minimum system requirements): OS with the latest updates Windows Vista 32bit or Windows7 32bit and higher (as well as a PC compatible with this OS),internet browser Internet Explorer 11 and higher, 40 MB of free disk space, Internet connection (broadband connection is preferable). Additional requirements and restrictions may be specified at 4game.com.
    • information submitted by the User in connection with his or her use of 4game Service is reliable, doesn’t violate any third party rights, which is a substantial condition of this Agreement. The information specified shall be used by Innova for the purpose of further identification of the User as the Party to this Agreement in compliance with the Privacy Policy;
    • the User guarantees that he or she shall personally execute this Agreement; shall not assign any rights and/or obligations arising out of this Agreement to any third parties or involve any third parties as co-executors ;
    • the User confirms that, while concluding this Agreement, he or she accepts all the terms and conditions specified herein, without any exceptions and/or provisos.
    Article 1.3. of Annex No 1 to the Agreement on the use of 4game Service shall be read as follows:
    1.3. The User shall guarantee that the equipment and communication means used by him/her, including carrier services, are sufficient and proper for the use of 4game Application. Meanwhile, the User acknowledges that 4game Application may be used subject to the following minimum technical capabilities, i.e. OS with the latest updates Windows Vista 32bit or Windows7 32bit and higher (as well as a PC compatible with this OS), Internet Explorer 11 browser or higher, 40 MB available on the hard drive, Internet connection; additional requirements and restrictions may be posted on 4game.com.
    Article 3.1. of Annex 1 to the User Agreement Game Rules (Lineage 2 ) shall be read as follows:
    3.1. For the proper use of the Service the User is advised to meet the following technical requirements / specifications: Internet connection (broadband connection is preferable), internet browser Internet Explorer 11 or equivalent, Windows Vista 32bit or Windows7 32bit (both with the latest updates), Intel® Core™ 2 Duo 6300, 4 GB RAM, GeForce 6600 GT / Radeon X1600Pro, DirectX 9.0c, HDD 30Gb.
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