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[Update] Just reflect it

Тема в разделе "L2 Store", создана пользователем CM Amarantha, 21 сен 2015.

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  1. GM Amarantha

    GM Amarantha Innova Group



    It has been almost a year and a half since we presented Elemental Shirts (Pa'agrio, Sayha, Eva, Maphr shirts) along with Shiny Elemental Shirt. The game has changed during this time, and now we are already moving closer to the new update "Hymn of the Soul" (EP2.5). To make the time of waiting go faster, we present you brand new Reflect T-shirts!

    Just as for any other shirt, enchant it to the max to get the best bonuses! You can use the same Enchantment Scrolls you use to improve Elemental Shirts.

    Basic enchantment scroll:


    Blessed enchantment scroll: you have a chance to fail, but you will keep the shirt. If enchanting fails, enchant level will be reset to 0.


    Both scrolls can be obtained in L2Store.
    You can find more information about Elemental Shirts in the corresponding article.

    So, let's start from Reflect Attack T-shirt which is designed to increase your P. Def.


    Bonuses based on enchant level of Reflect Attack T-shirt


    The next shirt - Reflect Magic T-shirt is aimed at enhancing M. Def. of your character.


    Bonuses based on enchant level of Reflect Magic T-shirt


    To get a new shirt meet NPC Paddy at Fantasy Isle. Teleporting to Fantasy Isle is free and available from every town.
    To make the exchange you will need any of Elemental Shirts (Pa'agrio, Sayha, Eva or Maphr) with any enchantment level and Shiny Elemental Shirt Exchange Stone.

    Below you can find all possible exchange options:


    NB: Paddy will exchange only your Elemental Shirts - Shiny Elemental Shirt cannot be used for that purpose.

    Exchange option has been added to Paddy for an indefinite period of time.

    From 22 of September till 6th of October you have an opportunity to obtain a pack of 30 Blessed Enchantment Scrolls of all types (except Power Shirt) at a special price. It is a perfect chance to enchant your new Reflect Shirt to the max!


    * Attention! Enchant Scrolls from the pack cannot be exchanged/dropped/sold.


    You can exchange Reflect T-shirt +8 and Shiny Elemental Shirt Exchange Stone to Reflect T-shirt +10 via Support Service.
    Lucky enough to enchant your Reflect T-shirt up to +8? Take Shiny Elemental Shirt Exchange Stone and submit a request to Support, Don't forget to put "I would like to exchange my Reflect Attack T-Shirt +8 for +10" or "I would like to exchange my Reflect Magic T-Shirt +8 for +10" in the topic of your message.

    Paddy is waiting for you to claim your new shirt for the collection! :9:


    Discussion thread is here.
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