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Sneak peak into the future of L2 Classic from NCSoft

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем CM Amarantha, 22 сен 2015.

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  1. GM Amarantha

    GM Amarantha Innova Group


    Fellow adventurers,

    While getting everything ready for the future launch of the European server, we do not forget to look after the existing Russian version as well. Our community managers had been collecting players' feedback and sending it to developers' team for some time already, and now we received answers to the hottest questions of our players.

    As most of you may know from other threads on our forum, European Classic version will receive the same updates as Russian version did. That is why we decided to share this information with you for you to be aware what is going on now and what changes you will face in future.
    The following topics have already received a positive response from the developers and have been or soon will be implemented:
    1. Death penalty change. It was a relief for players to have EXP death penalty changed from 10% to 4%. There are still some players who disapprove this change but most of the players like it. They still have something to lose upon death but it no longer makes people feel frustrated and leave the game.
    2. Blessing of protection buff. This content is still being argued about. Players believe that it should exist but in current state it does not help players who need it the most. Players insist that till level 20 you don’t lose as much from being harassed by chaotic characters and those characters are not as interested in low level players as in the higher level ones. In the next update (Age of Splendor) level cap for getting the buff will be increased up to level 40 (available for players who have not transferred to 2nd class).
    3. Droprate increase. This was a very positive change that motivated a lot of players to return to the game, revived the economy and encouraged players.
    4. PK scrolls modification. In the next updates this feature will be updated: to use PK scroll you will need to clean your karma first. In Classic version players generally take more risk during the game and have more intense interaction with other players, so this change will make PK players think twice before starting to act aggressively towards other players.
    A number of other issues are still on the agenda. Here is the list of the most popular questions and the corresponding answers from the developers:

    • Special abilities. We expect changes of this system in the next update, however, we are not 100% sure that it will come. We would like to receive your comment on that. Players are wondering if it will be represented, it will be alive and interesting and will be developed in future. It would be awesome if we could give this kind of information to our players who rarely get any certain information on what it is to come. We need more feedback from you on this topic.
    As you are all aware, we have already updated Special Ability in KR, however, we think current SA system forces users to use only one kind of SA for different classes. Therefore, our plan is to provide users with various kind of SA and users can choose which SA to use according to user's game play type. Current plan is to update renewed SA in October but we will let you know if there is change in the plan.
    • Tower of Insolence update. Our players' biggest concern is the gear grade penalty removal. This information caused panic on our forum and made players nervous. You’ve already mentioned that it made community outcry in Korea and you had to think over the possibility of exclusion of this content from overseas versions. It would be great if you could comment on that for our players. Additionally, players are concerned about talismans and vitality, content, which has little to do with old classic chronicles. What is your position regarding this matter?
    We understand your worries against the grade penalty removal and thus we are planning to exclude grade penalty removal for RU build (not only for RU but yes).
    As for talisman, we want to apply them in the game and have constant monitoring for balance.
    Lastly, we would like to exclude vitality as well and provide other items which can help in growing characters which can be obtained from in game play.

    • Soulshots for pets. Players regularly ask our community managers about this feature, saying that they really want this content to be implemented. We also would like to know if it is possible to include this content. It surely will increase summoner’s efficiency. At the moment, leveling a summoner is pretty boring and the class does little damage in PvP. At the same time, a large part of the community is interested in playing this class. This content might make it popular.
    We do not yet have specific schedule when to apply it, but we do have plan to add soulshots for pets.
    • Another piece of content that our players would want to see is catacombs. As we wrote about it in our previous feedbacks, players remember them as a nice place to level their characters and PvP for spots. Could you comment on that? Are you planning to introduce this content in future?
    We do not have plan to add catacombs yet.
    • Fishing. Our players want to see classic fishing system in the game. Is it possible to implement it? This question has already been discussed but our players want to hear a more detailed feedback from you.
    Currently fishing system is being renewed to provide better environment and reward from fishing
    • Players are interested in old pets that are currently not available in the game. For classic version, it is especially interesting as it has a great nostalgic component and implementing those old pets seems appropriate. Please share your thoughts about this idea. Is it possible to include this content into the game?
    There is a critical problem with pets that pets cause too much overload in game system. We are currently working on renewing agathion instead. New agathion system will be so that users can level up their agathions and make them stronger.
    This is planned for early next year.

    • Our players are complaining a lot about long delays between updates. After each update of Korean version they have to wait for around 6 months before the update will be installed in Russian version. During these 6 months players get bored and tired of waiting, losing their interest and leave. They feel abandoned and think that for some reason they are the last ones in the line for receiving updates. Your comment on the situation would be very encouraging for the community.
    We totally understand the complaints users are having toward the long time gap in updates. We are currently doing everything we can to optimize update system in order to provide much faster update environment.
    • In Сlassic version, where there is a problem of customization, players lack visual content. They want variety, but value Lineage 2 original style. New hats, visual enhancement stones, mounts and agathions – these are things that Classic needs.
    We understand the lack of visual contents in current classic servers and we are welcome to receive ideas from users for visual contents.

    You are welcome to discuss this topic in the dedicated thread.
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