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How to use Proxy

Тема в разделе "Instructions", создана пользователем Nemezida, 8 мар 2012.

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  1. Nemezida

    Nemezida User

    to use proxy servers you need to do the following actions:

    1.download and install proxifier tool
    2.launch the tool and select 'proxy settings...' in the 'options' menu
    3.in the appeared window click on the 'add' button
    4.fill in information about proxy server as it is shown on the picture below. all information about proxy ip and its port you can find in the internet.
    it's should be noticed that proxy has to support socks5 protocol otherwise you will not be able to play

    5.make sure there is the tick opposite created server. if you have several servers in the list then choose the most convinient one
    6.in the 'options' menu select 'proxification rules'
    7.in the appeared window mark 'process only the following+manually proxified'. remove the tick opposite 'loopback' rule name and click 'add'
    8.in the appeared window fill in fields as it is shown on the picture below
    then click 'ok'. in the next window 'ok' again.
    this rule allows proxifier use only 7777 port. it means that only game traffic will be transferred via the proxy

    9.if everything is done correctly than you will see the game process will be displayed in the main window of the tool after joining the needed server
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