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Classic 1.0

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    ::Work In Progress::


    Lineage 2 Classic v1.0 Patch Notes

    Table of Contents:

    DISCLAIMER: I chose the Russian patch notes over the Korean patch notes because Innova has stated the version to launch on European servers will most likely be the Russian version. These patch notes were first translated using Google translate within the Google Chrome browser and then interpreted by me to the best of my knowledge and ability. I pieced together the broken English from the translation with old Lineage 2 information and from what I have remembered. I cannot guarantee this will be 100% accurate.

    Source: Russian Patch Notes https://4gameforum.ru/showthread.php?t=799179

    Edit - I had to use the Korean Classic wiki (http://lineage2classic.power.plaync.com/) as another reference to figure out what some of the Russian patch notes meant. Also, some features and values differ between the 2 versions (typos maybe?), but I used the Russian values here as they will probably be the ones found on the European servers.



    • Clan Level
      1. Maximum clan level in Lineage 2 Classic is Clan level 5.
      2. Leveling the clan requires SP from the leader, adena, and Signs of Blood (Blood Mark?).
      3. Leveling costs by level:


      4. Now, instead of completing the quests to increase the level of the clan to levels 4 and 5, players have to get a special items called Signs of Blood (Blood Mark?).
      5. Sign of Blood (Blood Mark?) drops from the following monsters:


      Clan Wars
      1. To participate in a clan war, the clan must meet the following requirements:
        • The clan must be level 3 or higher.
        • The clan must consist of at least 15 characters.
      2. Upon completion of a clan war the defeated clan will lose 500 Clan Reputation Points.
      3. A clan can challenge up to 5 clans to a clan war simultaneously, but can receive any number of challenges from other clans.
      4. A declaration of war can be made via chat command or from the clan management interface.
      5. Clan war chat commands:


      6. Once both clans agree to a mutual clan war, a 3 day truce begins. If during the 3 day truce period a player kills another player from the opposing clan the clan war will begin without delay. If after the 3 day truce period no member is killed by an opposing clan member, the clan war will not begin. (??)
      7. You may cancel the declaration of war at any time during the 3 day period of truce.
      8. During the 3 days of truce, characters in both clans will continue to lose the standard 10% experience in fights among themselves. After the war begins, both clans lose 1/4 (2.5%) from the standard experience loss.
      9. If the warring clans attack each other during the 3 day truce period then normal rules of PvP battle apply. Example - Killing a non-flagged (white) character will turn the killing character chaotic (red, PK).
      10. Once a clan war begins, killing non-flagged (white) characters will not turn the killing character chaotic (red, PK). The killing character's PvP counter will increase instead.
      11. Forced attack (holding Ctrl while attacking) must be used on a non-flagged (white) character, even during a clan war. Forced attack does not need to be used while attacking a flagged (purple) clan war opponent.
      12. Statistics for a clan war can be found in the clan (Alt + N) menu.
      13. If a clan war is declared, the corresponding symbols will appear:
        • During the 3 day truce period, both sides will see the symbol of one dagger above the opposing clan character's heads.
        • When the clan war begins, both sides will see the symbol of crossed daggers above the opposing clan character's heads.
      14. Clan Wars will last until one side chooses to surrender.

      Clan Reputation
      1. Beginning at level 20, characters of clans level 4 and higher will earn their clan Clan Reputation Points each time they gain a character level. The amount of Clan Reputation Points earned will depend on what level the character is (example: leveling to the 41st, 42nd, 43rd, 44th, or 45th level will earn the clan 10 points each):


      2. For killing members of a hostile clan (mutual clan war) the clan will receive 1 Clan Reputation Point for each enemy killed.

      Clan Skills
      1. A clan can learn the following skills in Lineage 2 Classic:


    Clan Academy

    1. There is no Clan Academy in Lineage 2 Classic.


    1. In Lineage 2 Classic, the maximum number of characters to a group is 9.
    2. If the difference in the levels between the highest level member and any other member(s) of the group is 15 or greater, the lower level member(s) will not receive experience points or SP.
    3. When hunting in a group together, characters receive a bonus to experience and SP:


    Provisional Facilities

    1. Provisional Clan Halls will be available in Lineage 2 Classic.
    2. The Provisional Clan Hall rental fee is for a period of 4 weeks (28 days), after which the lease terminates automatically.
    3. There are 3 Provisional Clan Halls: Orchid Hall, Ellia Hall and the Laurell Hall.


    4. Provisional Clan Halls are instanced zones so it is possible for multiple clans to hold the same halls, and each hall has areas available for guests.
    5. Only the basic functions are available in Provisional Clan Halls:
      • HP Regeneration: 300%
      • MP Regeneration: 40%
      • Resurrection experience restoration: 50%
    6. All other functions, such as buffs, crafting, and teleports are not available with Provisional Clan Halls.
    7. Provisional Facilities are purchased through the Auction Manager in any city. Bidding for these halls are held every 2 weeks from 00:01 on Friday until 20:55 Saturday. (Times may be different on European servers.)
    8. Only clans of level 3 and higher can participate in the auction of Provisional Clan Halls.
    9. Conditions to participate in Provisional Clan Hall auctions:


    10. Despite the large number of Provisional Clan Halls, there are still more clans on the server than halls, so the winners of the auction are randomly selected from applicants.

    Clan Halls

    1. Clan Halls are divided into 2 ranks (A grade and B grade) and are located in different cities, depending on rank.



      • The rent for the Clan Halls are charged each week.

    2. Clan Halls can use any combination or all of the features available to that grade hall.
    3. Clan Halls in Giran (A grade) can provide the following features:


    4. Clan Halls in Gludin, Gludio, Dion, and Floran (B grade) can provide the following features:


    5. The Clan Hall can be set up to produce other items for purchase:



    1. There are five races in Lineage 2 Classic: Humans, Elves, Dark Elves, Orcs, and Dwarves.
    2. The basic parameters are different for each race and archetype, and it is recommended to choose a class based on their style of play.
    3. Basic parameters are distributed by race and archetypes as follows:


      * Bold parameters indicate the highest values found of each stat compared to other races.

    Basic Parameters

    1. There are a total of 6 different basic parameters. Each parameter alters different character stats, making each race and archetype unique.
    2. Basic parameters are distributed by race and archetype by default and cannot be distributed as you choose. However, you may raise and lower a particular parameter using tattoos.
    3. Basic parameters and their influence on combat characteristics are as follows:


    Character and Classes

    1. The maximum character level in Lineage 2 Classic is 75.
    2. The level cap is planned to increase gradually in future updates.
    3. Penalties are imposed on the experience the character earns when it (or group) kills a monster that is 3 or more levels below it. The penalties are greater the more levels there are between the character and the monster killed:


    4. A character hunting monsters that are higher level than it receives no penalty and gains 100% of the experience the monster provides.

    Class Skills

    • Classes
      1. There are 31 classes in Lineage 2 Classic, with a maximum of 2 class profession changes (second class change).
      2. A third class profession is planned in future updates.
      3. Class trees and skills are listed below (some descriptions taken from http://www.lineage2.com/en/game/races-and-classes):





















    Dark Elves



















    Skill Spellbooks

    1. Spellbooks are required to learn the initial level of magical skills. (Physical skills normally do not require spellbooks)
    2. Spellbooks for first profession skills (Levels 1-39) can be purchased from various NPCs in many towns.
    3. Spellbooks for second profession skills (Levels 40-75) can only be obtained from hunting certain mobs in the following areas:
      • Forest of Evil (The area above and around Ivory Tower Crater)
      • Outlaw Forest (North of the Ivory Tower)
      • Ivory Tower Crater (The pit area around Ivory Tower)
      • Sea of Spores (West of Oren Castle)
      • Dragon Valley (North of the Town of Giran)

    PK and Death Penalty Systems

    • Decreasing PK Points
      1. Scrolls of Renewal are the only way to reduce your PK count. Scrolls of Renewal come in different grades corresponding to character levels.
      2. Scrolls of Renewal can be purchased from the Black Judges, which can be found in the following locations:

    • Experience Loss on Death
      1. Upon death, a character loses 10% experience at any level.
      2. Chaotic characters also lose 10% experience upon death without any additional penalties.
      3. Characters killed in a peaceful area (in any settlement) do not lose experience points.
    • Dropping Items on Death
      1. A character can drop items when they are killed by a monster, or from another character if they are chaotic (PK, red).
      2. The table below describes the two possible situations for dropping items:


      3. Characters killed in a peaceful area (in any settlement) do not drop items.

    Hunting Zones

    • Starting Villages
      1. In Lineage 2 Classic there are only 5 races each with their own starting villages, as it was prior to the Goddess of Destruction update.
      2. Creating a character will start the player in the village of the race that was chosen. The surrounding area of each race starting village is well suited for hunting up to level 20.
      3. Listed below are the starting villages for each race:


      Other Villages
      1. At the start of Lineage 2 Classic there will initially be 4 territories: Gludio, Dion, Giran, and Oren.
      2. There are 7 villages in addition to the 5 starting villages, and making 12 villages total.
      3. Here are all the existing villages:


      Beginner Hunting Zones


      Talking Island - East

      • The eastern areas of Talking Island are good hunting areas for characters levels
      1 - 8

      • . The areas are home to fairly weak monsters which can be easily killed, but you may come across monsters that are social with the monsters around it and hitting one of them will cause the monsters social with it to attack aswell. This is something to consider when hunting in these, and most, areas.

      Talking Island - North

      • The northern areas of Talking Island are suitable for leveling between levels
      10 - 20

      • . There are a lot more monsters that are social with the monsters around it here than there are in the eastern areas: giant spiders, Orc leaders, and Werewolf Chieftains. There are also monsters that cast magic attacks from a distance, use caution hunting here!

      Elven Ruins

      • The Talking Island dungeon where one can hunt at between levels
      10 - 20

      • , which can be accessed from Gatekeeper Siff standing outside the ruins. The difference in levels as you venture deeper into the Elven Ruins is significant, it is recommended that you hunt in a small group here.


      Elven Forest (Shadow of the Mother Tree)

      • The Shadow of the Mother Tree area is a hunting area for the elves where they can level from
      1 to 8

      • . Kaboo Orcs and Goblin Raiders have a habit or attacking together, so be on the looking while hunting here.

      Neutral Zone

      • Hunting area for characters level
      15 and higher

      • .

      • Beware of the Lycanthrope as his attacks are quite strong.

      Elven Fortress

      • The Elven area dungeon with a complex internal structure. It is divided into 3 levels, and the further you advance the more powerful and dangerous the monsters you will find. Since many of the monsters here are social it is recommended to hunt with a small group. Beware of the surrounding monsters, attacknig one will certainly attract the attention of others.


      Dark Forest

      • The Dark Forest, not far from the starting location of the Dark Elves, is where newly created characters can level in the
      5 - 12

      • level range. Like other villages, the further you move away from town the more likely you are to come across monsters that are social with one another.


      • A hunting area with monsters around level

      • . It is wise to be afraid Dark Horror monsters, they are pretty strong. Also avoid attacking the Black Willow "Quest Monster", they are meant for characters over level 30.

      School of Dark Arts

      • The Dark Elven dungeon area is a mysterious underground facility suitable for leveling in the
      10 - 20

      • range. It is recommended to form a small group to hunt here because a lot of the monsters found here are aggressive.


      Valley of Heroes

      • The Valley of Heroes is a hunting zone for the Orcs in which they can level from
      1 up to 8

      • . Beware of monsters such as the Rakeclaw Imps, they can be social with the others.

      Immortal Plateau (North)

      • The northern areas of the Immortal Plateau are hunting areas suitable for characters level
      8 - 17

      • . Moving east you'll find higher level monsters, so as your character level progresses it is best to move in this direction.

      Cave of Trials

      • The Orc area dungeon is a hunting area suitable for leveling from around

      • and up to level

      • . The structure is quite simple: the deeper into the dungeon you go, the higher level the monsters you will encounter. Most monsters found here are social with the others around it, and it is recommended to hunt here with a small party.


      Frozen Valley

      • The Frozen Valley is a hunting area for Dwarves that can level them from
      1 - 8

      • . Like other starting villages, harmless monsters like the Utuku Orcs and Goblin Brigand are social with the others.

      Western Mining Zone

      • The Western Mining Zone is an open field hunting area for characters with levels of

      • and up to
      16 - 18

      • . You can try to hunt here solo with Healing Potions, but if it proves too difficult still find another player to duo with in this area.

      Abandoned Coal Mine

      • The lower level of the 2 Dwarven area dungeons, it is a hunting area for leveling from around

      • and up to

      • . The dungeon is divided into 3 sections, each with different level monsters living there. The dungeon is fairly large and the density of monsters is low, so it's less likely you will be attacked while distracted. It is also possible to hunt here solo.

      Main Hunting Areas





      Other Hunting Areas

      Gludio Territory


      Oren Territory


      Dion Territory


      Orc and Dwarven Villages


      Hunter's Village


      Raid Bosses
      1. There are many raid bosses in Lineage 2 Classic.
      2. Raid bosses can drop weapons, armor, and accessories of different ranks; also various modification scrolls and other items can drop.




    1. In Lineage 2 Classic v1.0, the maximum item rank is B Grade.
    2. Items of higher rank will be gradually introduced in future updates, while trying to preserve the value of lower ranked items. There are plans for setting limits on introducing higher rank items.
    3. Reduced the number of slots for equipment types: 18 → 12.
    4. The list of available slots for equipment and accessories:


    5. The table below summarizes the available types of weapons and their characteristics:


    6. The table below summarizes the available types of armor and the classes that are recommended to wear them:


    7. The table below summarizes the types of magical accessories:


    Modifying Items

    1. Only normal weapon and armor modification scrolls are planned to be available in Lineage 2 Classic. Blessed modification scrolls have a big impact on the economy, therefore there are no future plans to implement them.
    2. When you modify the values of weapons, the physical and magical attack powers increase differently depending on the weapon type:


    Scrolls of Renewal

    1. In Lineage 2 Classic, Scrolls of Renewal are special items used to reduce a character's PK count. At the moment, this is the only way to get rid of these points.
    2. There are 5 ranks of Scrolls of Renewal that correspond with the appropriate character levels:


    • Soul Crystals
      1. C Grade and B Grade weapons can be strengthened by Soul Crystals.
      2. At the moment in Lineage 2 Classic, there is no way to obtain Soul Crystals. A new method for adding Special Abilities to items is planned for a future update, via crafting. The materials used for Crystal Enhancement will be rewards from killing raid bosses.

      1. In Lineage 2 Classic, there are tattoos available for first class and second class jobs.
      2. Tattoos for the first profession can be purchased at the grocer in any village.
      3. Tattoos for the second profession can only be purchased in the Town of Giran.
      4. After collecting 10 bottles of dye, you can take them to a Symbol Maker, found in some grocery stores, and he will draw a symbol for you.

        (Symbol Maker Sheet)

      Manufacturing Dual Swords
      1. Dual Swords can be made in each town from the village blacksmith. Combining the swords to create a dual sword requires crystals of certain ranks and Stones of Purity. To create a B Grade dual sword you will also need permission. (Dual Craft Stamp?)
      2. In the original version of the game Stones of Purity were only necessary for the manufacturing of B Grade and higher dual swords, but in the Classic version Stones of Purity are widely used to combine dual swords of all ranks.
      3. Currently there is no way to get permission to create dual swords. Permits (Dual Craft Stamp?) will be added in future updates when the average level on the server is closer to 52 (B Grade).
      4. Any enhancements made on the weapons prior to combining them into dual swords will be reset upon dual sword creation.
      5. Dual Swords can be made by blacksmiths in any village; the grades of the weapons available to be produced depend on the blacksmith:



    Quest Interface

    1. Lineage 2 Classic took the best parts from the modern game client: colorful animated icons in the form of scrolls and bags over the heads of quest NPCs to help you navigate through quests.
    2. There are several stages of a quest, each stage has it's own unique icon that will be displayed over the head of the associated NPC:




    Class Change Quests

    First Profession

    1. Upon reaching character level 19 you will be able to complete a quest to change your class profession at level 20.
    2. Most of these quests for the first class professions are beyond the starting villages on the mainland of Aden.

      (First Class Profession Quest Sheet)

    Second Profession

    1. Upon reaching character level 35 you can start the first quest for your second class profession. Once all 3 quests (available at levels 35, 37, and 39) are complete you can change to your second class profession.
    2. Second class profession quests are held in 3 stages: the first quest begins from level 35; the second quest begins from level 37; the third quest begins from level 39. This determines how your character will specialize for the rest of the game.


      (Human Second Profession Quest Sheet)


      (Elf Second Profession Quest Sheet)

      Dark Elves

      (Dark Elf Second Profession Quest Sheet)


      (Orc Second Profession Quest Sheet)


      (Dwarf Second Profession Quest Sheet)

    Main Quests

    1. Certain repeatable quests have an imposed limit on them, which means they cannot be completed more than 50 times a week for 1 account:

      Hunting wolves
      Dream Collector
      Trade with the Ivory Tower
      Sharp claws
      Pleas Fay
      Proof of Valor
      Anger ancestors
      Skirmish with the Werewolves
      Black Wing spies
      Totem Hestui
      Gifts Gatekeeper
      Revenge Maris
      Shadow business
      Dreams of the sky
      Please Gatekeeper
      Picking dispute
      The scent of death
      Predicting the future
      Sweetest Poison
      Shards Stone Elements

    2. The limit will be reset every Tuesday during server maintenance.
    3. In addition, there is also a limit on the reward payment for quests that pay based on each item returned to the NPC. The reward amount for these types of quests is capped at 1,000 Adena, even if the number of items you return is greater than the reward amount.

      Gludio - One-time Quests

      (Gludio One-time Quest Sheet)

      Gludio - Repeatable Quests

      (Gludio Repeatable Quest Sheet)

      Dion - Repeatable Quests

      (Dion Repeatable Quest Sheet)

      Giran - Repeatable Quests

      (Giran Repeatable Quest Sheet)

      Aden - One-time Quests

      (Aden One-time Quest Sheet)

      Aden - Repeatable Quests

      (Aden Repeatable Quest Sheet)

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