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Some question's about L2C

Discussion in 'Archive' started by CAGS7235, Nov 10, 2015.

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  1. CAGS7235

    CAGS7235 Banned

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    So hello there,i and my freind's got some question's about L2C.
    1.So in future are there any chance to get not pay 2 play but free to play model like we got now in core server ?and or we got chance to get shop in game for cash?( i hope it's not be )
    2. How updates gonna works here ? it's going slowly to L2 high five or even GOD versions?
    3.How much servers u launch?and if some server got merged we got chance to join in other server with ours all accaunts etc. like before be with core and aria (if i remmember name corectly)
    4. and how bot's and 3rd programs users will be punished for using it since i got bad memories to playing with bots and some 3 rd program users.
    5. If we buy let's say preorder and like 6 month or even 1 years suscribtion at once we got some bonuses like free month to play or somthing like that ? (or even choisable hat or agation)

    Thanks for answers.(waiting it from administration)

    P.s looking for good information web pages with drop/spoil rates and quests.
  2. Fragola

    Fragola User

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    I'm not an administration, but these questions have been answered a numerous times here on the forum.

    1. Unknown, up to Innova and devs to decide in future.
    2. Every 6 months in a big update. there's a chance they will be more frequent, but it's up to devs to decide. The delay from KR is 8-6 months or so.
    3. Will be decided after pre-orders, depends on a number of pre-orders bought. When/if merged - you enter the merged server with your account and chars.
    4. The only one possible punishment for a bot is ban. And Innova is pretty good in demolishing bots (RU doesn't suffer from them at all)
    5. Will be announced with pre-orders, unknown now.

    P.S. https://l2central.info/classic/Энциклопедия_Lineage_2 Use google translate
    quests: https://l2central.info/classic/Квесты_для_игроков_1—40_уровней
    spoil/drop is listed in every mob, for example, Alligator: https://l2central.info/classic/Аллигатор
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