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Oldschool player looking for oldschool clan

Discussion in 'Archive' started by SkizzoSkillZ, Nov 18, 2015.

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  1. SkizzoSkillZ

    SkizzoSkillZ User

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    I started this topic becasue i have hope. Hope that i will find an oldschool clan, not cp based. The time i started playing l2 the clan wasnt formed by cps it was formed by inbdividuals who worked all togheter to achieve a greater goal. Now its just 9 players that work for themselves and then for the clan. I want to think that there are still clans that have the same beliefs as me.
    I have 10 years of l2, played from c3 to ertheia. Played on privates, official, russians etc. Played every class, i play best with supports. On low rates i enjoy spoiler and support.
    I purchased the pre-order so i have the week advance.
    I`m 25, from Romania, i have a mic and ready to use ts3/ventrilo/raidcall etc.
    My playtime goes from 2-12h/day. Depends on my schedule and work, family etc.
    I am competitive but i tend to enjoy l2 not making it a competition. Besides this server is all about enjoying.

    Before i join a clan i want to speak with the players before on ts, maybe to settle down to a class that the clan needs.

    Dont bother if youre clan is cp based. I want the clan players to make parties with online ppl and not playing someones boxes.
  2. Luminight

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    We have both CP's, non CP's and fillers. So we are pretty flexible, mixture of nationalities, though teamspeak with microphone and fluent english speech is a must : )
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