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[ESP] Player LF CP /Clan

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем xDryan, 6 дек 2015.

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  1. xDryan

    xDryan User

    Hi all, i'm a Spanish 23yo player new into Classic thing (After 8 years of L2). I'm searching a CP or Clan, preferably Spanish or English Speaking (Not problem with french either but I need to improve it a little bit)
    My weekly schedule allows me to play from 22.00 to 02.00 from Monday to Thursday. I work on weekends and holidays so I cannot guarantee a solid schedule for those days.

    I have preordered for three months and i'm willing to play mostly Sorcerer or Silver Ranger as main character. I don't discard other classes if clan is solid enough and guarantees to provide the proper equipment and parties (I HATE Soloing). My experience is solid mostly with Warlord and Swordsinger.

    I only demand stability because I really hate soloing and getting all by myself.

    I have a decent PC and I could stream in twitch.tv

    Leave comment or PM.

    Cya :D
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