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Lonely dwarfy looking for friends/team/clan/cp

Discussion in 'Archive' started by ma_arnas, Dec 6, 2015.

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  1. ma_arnas

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    Nice to meet you all, mates :)

    For days I was wondering what kind of gameplay I would prefer in this brand new classic server.
    Well, I made up my mind that I will make dwarfs as my main - Spoiler and Crafter.
    So now, I am looking for new game friends/team/clan or cp to share EACH OTHERS advantaged in game.
    I am planning to share my "world given goods" like crafting gear,shots and other necessities (for free) if only you would share your company with me while leveling together (as long as meele characters will be harder to lvl up).

    *If you wanna become my server/forum/game/gameplay mate or friend you can invite me whenever you will be (meele,ranger,support,tank,nuker).

    *If your team/cp would like free gear/shots in the future (when its possible after lvl 20) I would prefer nukers (mages) CP/team because of that leveling would be much faster. (but if you are meele CP/team then it's okey too).

    The main thing is to feel the need out of yourself to communicate, share emotions:happiness, sadness in the game and share all the expierence we will face together!

    ...if interested - PM :)

    Best regards,
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.