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Oh dear (and no rudolf the red nose reindeer )

Тема в разделе "Archive", создана пользователем iMadD, 7 дек 2015.

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  1. iMadD

    iMadD User

    I feel the need to congratulate all the moderators for their self control.
    I will had ban the he'll out of 80% of the people posting here.
    Also my props to the regular and knowledgeable people posting in here and keep their cool.
    Having to reading post with questions about l2 classic Olympiad and if will be C5 or Hi5 why isn't f2p about hoaxes and why server isn't running yet,like is a java private server hosted on couple pc's on someone's mum basement and soooooo many private server habits those people bring with them simple drive me crazy and loosing my faith.

    Thankfully I know like always there is hundreds of players that know there game and waiting quietly.
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  2. Yslock

    Yslock User

    It the same with all these people who are on this forum whining and complaining all day long.
    What bothers me is that there are like 200 people constantly making posts on the forum and they think they represent the thousands of people who arent active on this forum. For example it annoys me when they are saying that 90% of the community doesnt want certain stuff.

    Mostly the people who are active on the forum are the people who wanna play the 'real' hardcore classic server so ofcourse when the developers make the game less hard they get sad... which i completely understand.
    But if the developers would remove all the things that make the game easier; thousands of people will join and enjoy the game the first days, realise its way to hardcore to play casually and they will quit the game eventually. (like what happend on RUS) Its the subscription of those 'not hardcore' players that Innova needs so they dont HAVE to add l2store.
    Am glad to see that they are adding/removing all the stuff that makes the game easier, such as free teleports, Dgr armor quest, the transformations and what else... That they have the ability to modify stuff at own choice. Personally i agree with the current state off adding the Dgr armor quest, the transformations and the removal of the free teleports below lvl40

    We should be happy tho because Innova has the chance to not make the same mistake and try to keep all the people who joined the server that they also keep playing.

    Yes Innova could do way better to communicate and promote there server(which is something they should really do...) and hopefully they wont add L2store with messed up items like on Core.
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